On October the 23rd to 26th the SPIEL 03 in Essen is taking place. For those here who don┤t know it┤s Germany┤s biggest games fair with most game publishers (non-digital) partaking. Additionally there┤s a Comic-Con added this time.

Informations you find here: http://www.merz-verlag.com/d/spiel/index.html

As I know that some of the members of CA are taking part (e.g. Marko Djurdjevic is introducing his new game Degenesis and some - like me - are visiting I┤d like to know who┤s going there.

I┤m there on Friday the 24th visiting some people. I think it would be a nice idea to meet after the fair in a pub somewhere in Essen or the near. Unfortunately I don┤t know many places in this town so maybve someone has an idea where to meet where we can exchange and talk (Industrial Night in "Zeche Karl" would be out of place ). Suggestions would be great!

Hope we will meet us there!