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    School Motion Projects with After Effects

    A reel of motion design projects from school:

    A music promo project:

    A promo for NIN's album Year Zero. Music from NIN and everything else I created between photoshop and after effects.

    Motion Project - poetry in motion:

    Used W.B. Yeats poem - The Sorrow of Love
    and music from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Don't Want You No More.

    A trailer of sorts. Project was supposed to be a 30 sec advertisement, but 2 friends and I had something we really wanted to do, so our teacher said if we wanted to work as a group we needed to make it about 3 min long. A lot of the elements, ie: characters, interiors, and buildings were done and put together in Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, and finally edited with Premiere. Inspiration came from a lot of our own interests: x-men, the incredibles, superman etc.

    Abruptly cuts off cuz we ran out of time, because we were kind of winging it with the programs and didn't know how much of a load it put on us and on our computers.

    Thanks for watching

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    Clipping in focus is never a good thing I understand it’s after effect but try to hide the fact that his arm and briefcase if going through the floor plane by doing some clever camera work. Actually, when you have the leisure of having a camera, you can cheat so much it’s great to animate JUST for the camera.

    Second one is pretty cool.

    Third one is LOVELY! Too bad the red bleeds to death because of the font and compression.

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    Thanks for the comments egerie, very good points. The clipping thing was one of those things we noticed after rendering the scenes out. We were like aaarrgghhh!!! It took us like 45min to an hour to render out some of the scenes, if we were lucky. I'm not sure if we didn't have the optimal settings on or if we were just putting to much of a load in the program and our computers at the time. We had about a week to make that 3min video and time got to us.

    I totally dig the camera in after effects. It's probably one of the things that really intrigue me about that program and the possibilities that can be done. That and so many simple effects that if done right or combined correctly can make for some very elaborate visuals.

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