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    2nd/3rd Year Animation

    I'm a 3rd Year Animation Student about to graduate. Started in 2D, but learned 3D hoping to work in video games.

    4 legged study

    4 legged fun study

    2nd Year Animation -6 weeks
    This was my first 3d animation when we just finished a year of Maya with a partner, she did the animation, I did everything else.

    3rd Year Character Animation -8 weeks
    Used a Moom Rig, never got to finish all the render passes but oh well.

    2D work can be seen in this thread:
    or on my deviantart page.
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    Wow, that's amazing. I hope you keep posting, and are still doing some traditional animation

    The first fourlegged seems quite an old dog? The ape is bounding in a hilariously theatrical manner, with big poses mid-leap. I like the personality of it whether or not you directly intended it...

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    Hey dude! Nice animation. Just a few things to look out for. Some of the 2d animation feels mechanical like the dog's head bobbing up and down. I think this is due to the equal timing it has. Maybe bigger arcs and more anticipation at the end of some of the movements would help.
    I dont know how gorillas move but I thought the back looked rather stiff? But thats probably how it is.
    The 3d stuff looks good. Im not too knowledgable in this area so Im afraid I cant give you any useful crits. But it does look good

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    Nice animations!

    Dog and Gorilla: Accurate movements, but as Bendragon mentioned, they're stiff. Remember to squash and stretch.

    Clockwork: Nice little story here. The atmosphere achieved with the lighting is great.

    Relic: Another nice story. The pulling and pushing actions are well done.
    I think the part where he sits down and thinks is way too long.

    This one also lacks sound as compared to Clockwork.
    I know it's suppose to be a deserted warehouse and completely silent, but in real life, there is no complete silence, there's always some ambient noises, and these are what should be added here.

    Adding sounds can in fact enhance the illusion of complete silence. Utilizing sounds which can only be heard in utter silence, e.g. dripping water, will immediately reveal to the audience what sort of environment it is.

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