Punk Rock Reccomendations, and talk

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    Punk Rock Reccomendations, and talk

    I've only had a superficial interest in punk music. Was wondering if anyone would like to make some recomendations new and old that I can listen to. Maybe some talk about it. Get me caught up on some things. Cause I am interested. It has always been last on the list. Not too many fans of punk rock in Florida. Mostly Heavy Metal, Death metal, Jimmy Buffet, and Rap and Hip Hop.

    To me. Listening to punk rock is like looking at a sketchbook of a painter. Rough around the edges, but has character, and if they are really good it's all the more kick ass. Fast and hard.

    There is a sound I like. This band was only able release a single, and almost had a good shot at the big times. Something happened though with sony records, and they split up. I liked the music though so I was disapointed. First heard their song "Another Day" on the grandmas boy album which actually had some music I liked overall. But the Twenty Twos single album has songs I really liked. They may not technically be punk, but they seem to be influenced by it a little.



    Meh my friends always said I had a "noisy" taste for music.

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