So AoC has been out for a couple of days. Here are some of my thoughts.

My impression is that it has lived up to 90% of the hype.
Few Issues and bugs with it but that can be resolved in a couple of patches.
All those people comming from WoW and such who were expecting Conan to be perfect off the bat should remember the hundreds of patches and fixes that have implemented over the years. #Cough# Nerf Barbarians #Cough#

So I've got a sweet Guardian going, combat system is pretty sweet although I haven't the skill to use the changeable defensive guard in anticipation of the next move.
Being ganked everywhere you go by anyone gets a bit tired after a while, but once you move past around lvl 30 people start to get more focused on playing.

Fatalities are awesome I dunno how it's going to work with the battle grounds cause it seems you are immune to attacks while you do them.

Graphics wise I can only run it on medium but friend of mine just got a beast rig and stuff like parralex mapping really gives depth to everything.

Music is awesome, sound it awesome, story is awesome. The game is awesome. And it has bewbs! (Although they must of had a lot of silicone in Conan's Age...)

I think the best thing about the game is that it has a really nice feel to it,
hearing the snow sqeak at your feet when you move and seeing subtle details on the armour are quite beautiful.

Haven't even scratched the surface of it, can't wait!

Love to hear how everyone else is going with it.