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    a bit of the motion thing

    Here's a bit of animation I've done. One is a short (very short) film I did entitled "Great Moments in the History of Aviation (as witnessed by seagulls)", the other is a demo reel, compiled from pencil tests I did in my first animation class this last Spring.
    The video quality is not so great, so if you're interested in seeing better versions you can see them on my website.

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    Haha, I totally didn't expect the ending in the first clip. Nice.

    I've got some critiques for your demo reel.
    The head turn is well done, but I think it could be a lot stronger even if you just added a little bit more variation on the timing.
    Something as simple as slowing into the turn some more.

    The guy pushing the object I think is the strongest piece here, it's a solid action.

    The weakest piece, frankly, is the walk cycle.
    The timing is very even, arm swing and legs are even, and it lacks acting.
    A lot of people can animate a walk cycle, the person who stands out is the one who can animate a walk cycle with attitude.

    You've got this lanky character here who's perfect for some good acting.
    I can just picture him graciously floating along, taking extra long strides with his spidery legs.

    Hopefully I wasn't too harsh, it's with the best of intentions. You definitely do have some good work here.
    Remember in animation it's not enough to make something move, you must make it act.

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    Hey, nice seeing somebody else doing traditional animation! I hope eventually there's more.

    I guess what jumps out for me is, with the head turns (and nice basic follow-through on the hair version) it's such a vivid, stylized face, but it felt like it was holding up through the turn. (wonder if there was a physical model involved or if that was all in your head?)

    The alien guy pushing the thing doesn't actually have that much in the way of weight, follow-through, momentum. It's still better than I can do, but the motion isn't really that great, it's stick-figurey.

    What I'm struggling with these days is trying to make character designs that are appealing without lots of lines, and you're waaaay ahead of me but that's what you'd need to do as well... that first short is miles better than the demoreel on that front, though it is real minimal.

    Seagull FX there are way louder than they should be- comes off like a bunch of transistorized invisible seagulls on repeat and between the visible gulls and the camera. And louder than an explosion.

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    Thanks for the comments.

    jinxtigr: No, the head turn was not from a model, but it is a character that I've been drawing for years, so by now I've got a pretty good sense of the shape of his head.

    HunterKiller_: I think you've got a lot of good points. In my defense, I'll say that this was my first animation class. When I look at this reel, I see dozens of places where I could eased in and out better or followed a more dynamic motion arc or simply slowed down some actions to make them flow better. But, I guess that is what practice is for. You do seem to have a really good eye for animation, though. I appreciate your judgement.

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