The Spring / Summer session of the Animation Portfolio Workshop is starting up on Saturday May 24 2008, at 11am in the mid-town Toronto area.

Students are welcome to drop by for a day of drawing, armed with pads of newsprint and a handful of chalk, to take a free trial Workshop class, and learn more about what we do.
Drop in for a trial session anytime from our start-up date until the end of the term.

Please call or mail me to let us know you're coming, and to make specific arrangements beforehand.



416 651 3658 line 1

Also......I'll post some images from the last group of portfolios from our winter session, as well as the portfolio from that group that had a perfect score ( 100 out of 100 points) at Sheridan's winter '08 portfolio review, to give you an idea of what we're doing.

Gerard Sternik / Director

Animation Portfolio Workshop