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    Priestess of Cthulhu Feedback requested

    I know I haven't posted in a while and that is because I am been so busy with getting my general education out of the way in prep to transfer to Cal State Fullerton. Anyways just finished this piece and I would love to hear feed back.

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    Hmm... sorry if I sound like I don't know much about art... but I'll say how I feel.

    1. The foreground elements and the background doesn't seem to connect. They look like 2 unrelated things that make people wander "....why it's there if that's here ?"

    2. Lighting seems strange... The background clearly show light from the back, yet the foreground character has light from left side ? On top of that the character doesn't feel like she's sitting on the plateform... Also.. if the light of background is from the back hole, why the button of cliff also bright ? [Also the rocks in front of cliff... why this lighting...?...]

    Just my thoughts...

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    Greetings Ito Saith Webb,
    As it is now the lighting and resulting volume you have on her head and upper chest is working nicely, however once you get away from that area the lighting breaks down. I think it would help to decide on your primary light source (which appears to be coming from the mid to upper left), adjust the rendering to match that light source, and drop cast shadows accordingly. I donít see that the character is casting any shadows at the moment; shadows would greatly help to ground your character on the platform she is supposed to be sitting on. Judging by the intensity of the light on her the shadows would be pretty defined. To push the power of the image you may want to play with warm and cool lighting as well. For example make your primary light a warmer light and then bring in a cooler rim light; just some thoughts.

    I also think that the background is disconnected from the foreground of the image and distracting from your figure. It may be better to just drop the current background and place a simple cracked/frescoed wall, cave wall with architectual detail behind your figure. This would help to simplify your lighting situation, as well and place the viewers' entire focus back on the figure. Should you decide to keep the current one, definitely unify the lighting of the image.

    Adding some ripples to the water's surface would help to convey the presence of water specifically or perhaps just more indication of the water in some way. I'd recommend just finding some reference of the type of water you wish to go for and use it as a guide to get the desired effect. Anatomically I canít see any major issues; except her arm appears to be too short. When a person's arm is out-stretched the wrist usually hits just below the hip/the top of the thigh area, but her wrist would hit her about at the waist or a breath below it. Also the crease in her skin below her breasts seems like an odd place to have one. One might want to re-examine the forward foot as well. Oh it might be fun and also solidify the image more to add texture to her skin and especially to her tentacles (making them moist or slimey, etc). You could have a lot of fun adding in textures to stone, kin, etc.

    Itís looking good so far; almost there.

    Hope some of this helps,
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    Your piece looks great so far, except there maybe a flaw with the model's right arm (left in the picture) - you've foreshortened the arm, but personally, I'm not sure if you've done it efficiently enough. The arm band she's wearing looks too straight, and that makes it look as if the arm itself is also straight - which it isn't. I'd suggest curving the arm band so it follows the arm, showing that the arm is angled toward the viewer, because this way, the arm looks too short.

    Hope that helped

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