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    Icon IDW #70: Towtruck - Voting

    IDW #70 Topic: Towtruck

    Deadline for voting: Wednesday, May 28

    No voting for your own entries! I repeat, no voting for your own entries

    Give critiques and comments, we're all here to learn from each other!

    Original thread: IDW #70: Towtruck
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    Artist: Coldrum

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    Artist: D-Holme

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    Artist: Fughi from Yuggoth

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    This TowTruck-O-Copter is about towtrucking the accident cars and victims through air by the red cross in 2061,
    or maybe the police could use it as a solution for cars in parking infringement, when the city is messed up with traffic jam.
    Although it has 4 hooks, it can only carry one cabine is for a pilote, one is for a sani.


    Artist: Yoitisi

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    Artist: Taibox

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    Artist: Wasker

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    As is tradition, some notes on this round:

    First of all, apologies for the delay in putting this up. My schedule has been severely damaged after last week, so I'm still trying to catch up on some things. For this reason I decided not to play art director for this round, all the entries are in here

    Fughi: I was planning to give you some critiques in the original forum, but as I didn't get around to it I decided to take yours to poll so you could hopefully get some advice on it. One thing that might help you is to compare it to the other entries this round and see the differences

    Taibox: Same here, yours would normally be on the edge of making it to poll.

    Anyway, enjoy DEEP

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    Yoitisi: Thxyvm!
    my piece would fit well into dsg,but it cannot be judged as proper in comparision to the other ones.I know that, but i thought that would be against the rules and against the spirit of IDW to change it after deadline.If i get any votes this time, my world's image will crash.I still like my idea a lot, but change it without leaving this thread seemed to be cheating to me.

    + very well worked out, combination of tank and towtruck & wheels and chains
    - innovation,basic idea could be more drastical
    + Innovation great as always
    - could be worked out a bit better.just a bit.I don't understand the propulsion yet

    + fucking great that cartoonish touch in it.
    - idea.this is what everybody think a towtruck would be stereotypically.

    + good start
    - bad ending.

    + polygon & rendering.peeing buddy
    - pushing cars with a cyclopic forklift truck does not seem to be very functional to me. I think that a towtruck should be more careful to a crashed car, it reminds me more of that metal rams in front of steam locomotives (?).

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    Delayed comments – been distracted by work, think I even forgot to vote for this (likely would have been a +1 for Yoitisi (or maybe Coldrum)) but then no-one else has commented either (except Funghi - thanks for your points).

    Coldrum – I like the nature of the truck, the rendition is great too. Everything combines to give it a good sense of power and utility. Maybe the function of the vehicle which, although clear, could have more prominence at the moment it (literally) fades into the background. Scale is also hard to truly judge but a reference figure or identifiable figure would fix that.
    D-Holme – trying for a looser approach but ending up sloppy and with fairly (very?) crappy linework. Colours are rubbish in some place too but are closer to what I wanted by getting results from a limited pallet. Propulsion could have done with some work but I aimed for something similar to the fifth element or bladerunner vehicles where actual propulsion mechanisms are indistinct – perhaps I should have shown smoke or thrusts from some of the vents.
    Fughi from Yuggoth – Similar to mine I think the line work could really do with being tightened up with some more concentration on the quality of line. Perspective needs some work too, check that the perspective of similar shaped objects in similar locals from viewer matches (hope that makes sense – eg. Along the central axis). Both the middle pods show curvature but the engines (which are curved at the top) do not. Shadows could do with attention too check out Yoitisi’s mentoring stuff on shadows. Design wise I think the ideal has good potential but the lifting/towing gear could do with being more credible – looks like you’re improving though so keep it up – hopefully get some work in for DEEP?
    Yoitisi – Funky design with a nice, simple but effective rendition. Although not doing anything amazing innovation-wise it has a lovely retro look and is nicely re-styled, reminds me of films like ‘City of lost children’.
    Taibox - Looks like an interesting take on the design. Perhaps it is a little too crane-like, the towing element needs to perhaps be stronger. Perspective looks out, especially w.r.t the front vs back and the wheels. From a rendition point of view I think the design is poorly layed out and it should be bigger and make better use of the page - at the moment it’s lost down in the corner. The blue print in the background looks interesting but is too covered to be easily read. I think the composition is out, the upper right corner is bright white against the dark blue, with tapered lines pointing into form the 3rd point makes that corner the point of interest with nothing there. Keep it up, look forward to seeing more of you work and contributions.
    Wasker – I like the style of the rendition, it has a lovely texture to it. I like the compactness of the design and the appearance of energy/strength within that. I don’t know whether the towing process is clear enough? – I’m unsure of the actual mechanics of any distance towing (pushing or towing backward?) but it looks very credible for recovery and short distance moving – though maybe a small vehicle (car) would sit totally on the front lifters?
    MY SKETCHBOOK Updated 05/08/08 - Critique and comments encouraged

    Industrial Design Weekly Enviroment of the Week

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    at least we thank each other^^
    finished my university stuff this week,maybe i get some time now...but got waterpolo games at least 3 times a week.:/

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