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    Avatars of War Illustrations.

    it's been a couple months since i put anything up. it seems like there's been a lull in activity here.. or maybe it's just me? anyway, i just got done doing illustration work for the new miniatures fantasy game avatars of war. you can check out the website here

    it's been a joy working for felix paniagua, the sculptor who hired me on for the project. he's an infinitely patient and pleasant client to work with, and he was really great dealing with me whenever i had any questions or problems. i also did a piece that was modeled first in google sketchup and then painted over in ps, but when i was working on it, any time i would move a texture image over to the base image it was say that the "depths" of the images didn't match and the file size grew to a whopping 40 mb! i still am not sure how to remedy this, so i won't be posting that one. anyway.. here's the stuff. critiques are welcome. i already see many things i did wrong and would change, but that's the joy of making mistakes and posting them is that you LEARN! enjoy. ( p.s. i am still no good at using the attachment manager so i apologize if these are misaligned or mis-sized. any advice would help )

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    These are awesome. I especially like that medallion; it's very tastefully done, and looks believably weathered but still with a lot of its old shine. Those skulls are great, too. You seem to have a real knack for making things look like they've been there a long time. It's ironic that there's almost something kind of comforting about them. I guess it's the fade-out of the grass and the softness of how they're rendered.

    The design for the figures is pretty interesting, too, but it seems to me like you were trying to compromise between "glow" and shading, at what came out is kind of neither. The metal looks good and shiny, but I wonder what might happen to the sense of glow if you went into PS and worked from a negative of that shading scheme, to really bring out the sense that he's giving off light?
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    The pose, camera angle of the black guy are irritating or not cool. Cant pinpoint it.
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