Im a new soul...

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    Talking Im a new soul...

    HI! At first Im sorry about my poor English ..hope you could undertand my words..
    To tell the trueth ,this is my third time to post a thread on abroad forum(The second time,I post a wrong place Orz.)..still unrest.. because of my English , and my painting skill,both poor
    I still post my pics because I really like painting,and want to make it better..
    INTRODUCE:A girl who really like painting!!
    Name:  海報 col1.jpg
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    How to make this picture more accurate?I always don't know what to do when I painting some pics to this step. Add more light contrast ?

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    Say what you don't like about your paintings - that will help with advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniGoth View Post

    Say what you don't like about your paintings - that will help with advice.
    Thanks for remind!! Well what I dont like my paintings it is they're not careful,I want to give them more details..but,I don't know where should I start..

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    Anatomy books are always great. learn how us humans are put together and it will help your details a bunch.

    Drawing naked people is awesome. Once you draw a lot of them you will learn where the details need to be.

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    I really like the idea and the colours of this painting. The anatomy needs some fixing though. It looks to me like an unborn baby, and if that's the case, the shoulders should not be wider than the head. Also I think the legs are too long.

    That being said, there is no umbilical cord, so maybe I'm wrong The colours and facial proportions make me think otherwise. Either way, it's a very nice start!

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    look closely at the eye you've put on his head: the way you slid it into the skull makes his skull look flattened and squarish where the eye is. I'm chalking this up to the heavy use of white that doesn't let you see volume, and I suggest forgetting about the eye for a second, painting the volume of the skull, then placing the eye accurately according to the perspective you're using. Painting the volume it sits on makes it easier for you to place it.

    Also maybe it's just personal preference, but maybe toning down that white in your painting? it's like blind spots of white. and the indigo in the eye should be worked into the skin tones or background so that it's not standalone like that

    Some anatomy mistakes, I especially see it in the shoulders, so as others have told you, revising the anatomy with the help of a book would help a great deal!

    Welcome to CA and good luck

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    Nigel_Robertson : Thx for remind! Through my pics u can see that Im a luser..I didn't spend many time to make a plan before I started to draw. Im realize it now~~

    ScaryPotato : Wow~u like the colour?Very glad to heard that~In fact,the only reason why I dare to post this pics just because of the colour---they looks not very bad ..U told me that the shoulders are too wide,I think u're right..THX~~

    Petitemistress :Hi~I ll try to give "skull" more colour and the eye.When I fix it I ll upload to this thread,and ,give me more comments,will u?

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