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    Motions, Graphics and Awesomesauces.

    It's so cool to see this forum go up. Hopefully it will play host to some really inspirational goings on. I'm really interested to see animation/motion graphics with a twist of ConceptArt.

    There was an explosion of simple animated typographical videos on youtube, just animated along to an audio clip but done extremely well. I was really inspired by them and decided to have a go at it.

    This is something I did for a uni project. It's a mishmash of Photoshopery and After Effects. It was all trial and error so the animation is pretty basic.

    This was the original version before the giant overhaul. The main reason for the redo was that it didn't really do anything towards ticking the boxes for grades. I kept this version just because I love the way the line meanders it's way and has some character. I guess this turned out to be a technical test/practice run.

    And this is a little animation for a 24 hour animation contest. We had to find an audio clip and animate two mailboxes acting out the scene.

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    Nice work dude! The sketchbook page animation was really sweet. Is After Effects able to make photoshop brushes in 3d space now? I know there is a 3d camera now but haven't worked with that AE in so long.

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    Hey Toastage, great work you've got here. I've seen some of those typographical motion graphics pieces before and I've always like the feel that can be achieved with em. Yours definitely works well; the rotation of the piece and the grouping of the words was a bit disorienting to me, but that kind of echoes what's being said/typed out (not sure if that's what you were going for, but it's certainly effective hehe). Very cool stuff either way, well done

    I like the simplicity of the mailbox animation; you definitely acted both characters well, especially given the restraints a talking mailbox would have hehe.

    I must say the photoshop/after effects pieces are really impressive; definitely some of the best after effects work I've seen. Nice transitions and pacing with the song... love those trees popping up as well hehe. In that second video (the first version I guess) it kinda looked like you were using a brush stroke from photoshop and moved it in 3d with after effects? No idea if that's right but I was more wondering how you did that hehe. It's a really cool effect, and while I do have some understanding of 3d layers, the only way I could think of doing it atm would be veerrry tedious haha. So yea if you wouldn't mind sharing hehe again great work, very impressive stuff

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    I second the comment on the aftereffects vid- I haven't been able to get my hands on it yet but to me it looks like a motion guided particle effect? Or multtplie animated planes in 3d space? any case very well done- d

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    yeah real nice work...thanks for posting.

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