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    Albino Smoker WIP

    Hey guys,

    Its been a while since my last embarrassing first post, so I thought its about time I come out of hiding in shame and post something I've been working on recently.

    Inspired by Chet Zar's Creature Painting Workshop

    Done entirely in PS CS3

    Thanks guys
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    I love rendering pale or albino characters, I just find them so interesting for some reason - Heck just look at my avatar lol Ne ways...

    Stay away from filters and plugins- it's a terrible beginner's trap and you will only hurt your own artistic development. I can tell the hair was generated entirely using such method as the perfectively identical strands makes it obvious a mile away. There's alot to say about the anatomy errors - in particular the neck muscles, shoulders, and the cheekbones - my advice is to simply practice via drawing from life or referencing. Also consider that athough albino's do have a pale complection, theres still plenty of color to be found depending on the lightsource - many shades of red or pink around the cheeks especially.
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    I agree that the hair looks pasted on, like it doesn't belong. You also need more defining shadows. His ear doesn't look like it has proper folds or a canal, and the same goes for his eyes and nostrils. Any 'hole' in the face should be quite dark.

    He is an interesting character though!

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    not horrible

    needs some study though, namely on your anatomy

    the neck muscles especially, in the pic above they look more like the mucles on the back of the neck
    the eyes are a hair to close, and the cheekbones to large and slight out of place.

    while albinos have a lack of color like stated above some pinks are still present

    another thing i noticed was that the cigarette doesnt look like its in his mouth. you should work on making the lips overlap the edge of the cig.

    a little smoke coming off the lit cig would look good to. just dont over do it

    *edit just looked again and noticed there is smoke, but i couldnt even see it. you might want to work on its visiblility

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