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    Do you guys collect things?....artist mentality correlation, maybe?

    Mark Ryden collects a lot of toys to influence his paintings.

    I know of several other artists who collect something or another, usually is props for the studio or art books.

    I know I use to collect sea shells and comic books.

    Do you think there's a correlation between being an artist and hording or collecting things?

    That is do you think artists like to obsess, collecting might result?

    Well, a lot of artists collect art too.
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    I wouldn't say collecting art books and proprs/reference is the same as people who collect things with pigs on them, or salt and pepper shakers. There's a difference between collecting useful things and that sort of obsessive "it fits the theme of my obsession, I must have it" types.

    When is it a "collection", and when is it just buying/saving stuff? Are the clothes in my closet a collection?

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    I think we're all a bit obsessive and anal to some degree...

    I collect...

    Stamps (big time)
    Antique tools
    Old ads and printed illustrations
    Cameras and antique projectors
    Rare textile samples and weaving/costumes
    Beads of all kinds (I bead)
    Magazines and comics
    Antique cookware
    Lenses of all kinds
    Old bills and commercial documents (18 and 19th century)
    Recipes in any form for ANYTHING
    Antique photographs
    Laboratory equipment like flasks and shit

    ...add to this the fact that I'm primarily an assemblage artist with about seven tons of bits and pieces of just about everything potentially useful, and you get an idea why I sometimes can't get into my house...
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    portrait photography of 60-70's African "porn" actresses
    classic heavy metal magazine & epic magazine(by marvel comics) (70-80's)
    "art of" art books (ie: assassin's creed, breath of fire, capcom, snk, monster's ink)

    as well as the common hobbies of music/movies/video games..

    don't think i have any really strange physical collections... if money wasnt a concern i would surely have more antique gun replicas, right now i only have a pepperbox and an 1911

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    I collect each and every piece of paper I draw on (+jpeg's since I own a wacom). Also funny pictures and dust.
    Do you think there's a correlation between being a human and hording or collecting things?
    fixed and yes

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    I have a terrible time throwing things away. Subsequently I have a lot of 'stuff' lying around. I guess I'm a bit of a pack rat. My wife hates it But I do actively collect things as well. I still have my comic book collection from years ago, but that would fall more in line with the hoarding, as I don't actively collect comics now. But I am hoping I'll be able to turn some of it into a college fund for one of my kids at some point

    But now I actively collect collectible figures and other various flotsam that falls in line with that. I think it's more a kitch mind set that I apply to that. But I do appreciate the artistry behind most of what I do collect. Foremost in that list would be my Hellboy figures and other items based on Mike Mignola designs (re: not the movie versions) and the 12" line of Barker designed psuedo-Cenobites he did for McFarlane Toys. And I also collect trading cards. I started out collecting artist card sets, but I now include some movies and series, as well.
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    I'm a collector by nature. But last year I decided that the Special/Limited/Collector's Edition of something is only worth it if it gives back. It must have art that I actually want, or something else almost as important (like a relationship or something). The special thingy of Devil May Cry 4, in my opinion, is not worth it because I don't like the art direction. I don't like MMOs, so if a Collector's Edition of Guild Wars anything released with a printed artbook, I'd buy it just for that and never play the game. Because the Guild Wars concept art is like Zone of the Enders art direction; I want to wake up to it on the weekend.

    It certainly helps to conserve time and space and most of all, money (obviously). I'll stop creeping you out now..

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    My dragon's horde includes:

    Old Books
    New Books
    Prints, Photos, and Maps
    Movies, especially cheep VHS
    Swords, Knives and other assorted Ninja weapons I always wanted when I was a kid
    Pewter Figurines
    Those kitschy mini-statues of famous classical sculptures
    And a ridiculous number of Star Wars toys

    Since I met my girlfriend, I've also purchased a lot of shoes. I'm not sure it counts when you're buying for someone else's collection, but damned if she doesn't have more heels than she knows what to do with now.

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    I have quite the collection of dragon figurines (which are at my parents house right now) and recent;y it's been pokémon stuff. My desk is covered!

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    I collect any cheap prints or posters of artwork. I have far too much in terms of square feet. Probably enough to cover my bedroom and living room a couple times over. The pride of my collection is a Frank Frazetta numbered print of his painting "Leaping Lizards" matted and framed which was a gift from a professor of mine for whom I had an internship with. He personally hated it. I didn't, so it worked out. I Also dig cool monster/creature figurines. Nothing too expensive or flashy, all though I do have a particular weakness for the McFarlane or NECA 'Alien' figures. Speaking of which... nerdgasm

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    I've been collecting designer toys/urban vinyl for a couple of years now, obsessively at times.
    I've been collecting mcfarlane and various manga/anime/games figurines sporadically over the years, but when I saw a picture of Tim Tsui's DAPE (anyone who's fairly familiar with urban vinyl knows what I'm talking about) I immidiatly was hooked, I had never seen something so funky and fresh. Spend a small fortune on it ever since and checking toy blogs and online stores on a daily basis. Right now I'm trying to snag a Bertie the Pipebomb by Ashley Wood somewhere, that thing is so fucking awesome!

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    Ilaekae - want me to send you some lebanese currency? ^.^ we have some pretty funny money xD

    more on topic tho, i collect older gaming systems (Atari, Snes, PS, N64, Gameboy so far), actually any gaming system i can get my hands on since i have last gen and new gen consoles too. I also collect figurines and vinyl toys, which are hard to come by here as well as all types of funky or sturdy empty sketchbooks for later use.

    Mark Ryden collects toys? god i love that bastard.

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    vintage star wars toys, oldskool (game)computer stuff, comics, movies, records, cameras, and a whole lot of dust on top of it all.

    and frankly, they're all for sale if anyone's interested.

    except maybe for the cameras

    and the records

    and the comics

    and most of the toys

    and maybe a fine selection of cartridges and joysticks

    oh yea and the movies stay.

    dust, anyone?

    (seriously though, i'm in the market for selling some of the starwars stuff and all of the gaming stuff... i guess this thread is the right place to advertise this :p )
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    Animal skulls...I realize that sounds morbid..and maybe it is alittle but I come by it honestly. My mother is a really hardcore naturalist as well as an artist so we always had skulls and bones and stuff around when I was growing up. Infact if she saw a bird that had flown into a window and died, or was on the side of the road and not in too bad of condition she would bring it home, sketch it for a while and then wrap it up and put it in the freezer for future reference. By the time I was in my teens we had a whole freezer with everything thing in it from a hummingbird that didn't survive its meeting with the sliding glass door, to a great big owl we found dead in the backyard. Its not about death or being obsessed with death or anything...infact I think its quite the opposite. Its about being obsessed with life and the beauty, inside and out of living things. So yeah, my wife was thrilled about that....but she gets it...I think

    Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu, especially Balinese art: I'm neither Hindu nor Buddhist, I just really love the imagery. I also try to learn the significance of the various images and sculptures, mostly out of curiosity...but I'd be lying if I didn't acknowledge a sort of a white guilt for taking something from anothers culture and decorating with it.

    Books on the occult, alchemy, divination systems or magic, the older the better: Once again...not a pracitioner of any sort of black art, but I dig the historical aspect of it as well as the alot of the imagery of those woodblock prints of witches masses or the various demons of hell. There's something I like about the connection between ancient occult practices and what eventually became math, science, and technology. Ok...yeah theres a part of me that REALLY wants to be a sorcerer or a demonologist or something, but in the lieu of that I suppose art works as well.
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    I collect coins,,, cheap ones, but coins ...

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    I collect....

    console and games
    pc games
    computers (my garage is full of old computers)
    lab bottles
    cool toys and models
    and dust bunnies

    and i wonder why i complain my house is too cluttered for me to do artwork...
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