Hi guys, I'm new here.
Blame ChuanMing for convincing me..
I'm Emma, I'm a wannabe-comic-artist. I'm from Holland, so that also explains why I suck at English. Be warned !

I did draw a lot lately, but my scanner somehow died. I'll try to reanimate it tomorrow.
Untill then, I'll put up these drawings.. Made them a few days/weeks ago.

This is a digital sketch I made from, tahtaa - me.
Fallingmonkey's  "art

Comic-sketch for a comic I have to draw for school, 'Medea'.
Fallingmonkey's  "art

A Larry comic.. Larry is my own comic-character. He isn't that funny. But I had to post something, right...
Fallingmonkey's  "art

Hmmokay, I hope my scanner'll work again tomorrow.
Then I could put up some of the naked women I'm drawing!
Yay !