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    My Academic Background

    I intend to post here in these years of my late adulthood(60-80) and old age(80++), if I last that long. I have posted several times at this site in the last few months. I have taught: (a) the sociology of art in Tasmania and (b) art history in some of the history courses in which I have been the teacher. I am no expert in the field of art, but take a general interest in the field. Here is some of my academic background for those interested and for those who come across my comments at this site in the months and years to come.-Ron Price, Australia
    1.1 Academic Qualifications

    * Bachelor of Arts(Sociology)
    McMaster University
    Hamilton Ontario Canada 1966

    *B. Ed.(Primary School Training)
    Windsor Teachers’ College
    Windsor Ontario Canada 1967

    * MA(Qualifying Thesis)
    University of Queensland
    St Lucia Queensland
    Australia 1988

    1.2 Professional Qualifications

    * Post Graduate Diploma in Education
    Windsor University
    Windsor Ontario Canada 1967

    * Certificate of Integrated Studies
    Education Department of Ontario
    Toronto Ontario Canada 1970

    1.3 Further Studies(Qualifications Incomplete)

    * Advanced Diploma in Education
    University of Adelaide
    Adelaide South Australia 1973
    -comparative education unit

    * Master of Educational Administration
    University of New England
    Armadale NSW 1975 to 1978
    -comparative education, organization theory and practice, educational
    administration, open education and history of education units

    * Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
    Tasmanian College of Advanced Education
    Launceston Tasmania 1980
    -organizational behaviour-3 units

    * Graduate Diploma in Multicultural Education
    Armadale College of Advanced Education
    Armadale NSW 1983
    -language and society unit; presented paper at residential school.

    * Graduate Diploma in Religious Education
    South Australian College of Advanced Education
    Adelaide South Australia 1984 to 1986
    -Religious symbols and symbolism, sociology of education, the Bible
    as literature, moral education, Islam and principles of religious education units.


    2.1 Articles and Reviews: Journals/Websites

    1.*Essays, Interviews and Articles on the Internet at:
    1.1 The Baha'i Academic Resource Library has several hundred items posted there, 2002-2006; and at
    1.2 An estimated 2000 other sites containing several million words, 2001-2006.
    2. * "A History of the Baha'i Faith in the Northern Territory: 1947-1997," Northern Lights, 32 Instalments, 2000-2003.
    3. * Periodic Articles in "Newsletters," Regional Teaching Committees of the NSA of the Baha'is of Australia Inc., 1971-2001.
    4. * Periodic Articles/Letters, Baha'i Canada and The Australian Baha'i Bulletin now The Australian Baha’i: 1971-2006.
    5. * "Memorials of the Faithful," Baha'i Studies Review, September 2001.
    6. * "Review of Two Chapbooks: The Poetry of Tony Lee," Arts Dialogue, June 2001.
    7. * "Asia and the Lost Poems: The Poetry of Anthony Lee," Art 'n Soul, a Website for Poets and Poetry, January 2000.
    8. * "The Passionate Artist," Australian Baha'i Studies, Vol.2, 2000.
    9. * "Memorials of the Faithful," Australian Baha'i Studies, Vol.1, No.2, 1999, p.102 and uplifting, 2005-6.
    10. * "Poetry of Ron Price: An Overview," ABS Newsletter, No.38, September 1997.
    11. * "Thomas a Kempis, Taherzadeh and the Day of Judgement," Forum, Vol.3, No 1, 1994, pp.1-3.
    12. * "Forward", An Introduction to Occasions of Grace: Poems and Portrayals, Roger White, George Ronald, Oxford, 1993.
    13. * "The Inner Life and the Environment", a paper presented at Murdoch University at the Baha’i Studies Conference in April 1990 and published in The Environment: Our Common Heritage, Monograph No.5, 1994, pp.118-131.
    14. * "The History of a Dream: A Tribute to Persistence", Office of Tafe Publication in Western Australia, 1988, pp.5-6.
    15. * "Response", Dialogue, Vol.2, No.1, 1986, pp.3-4.
    16. * "Homeward Bound", Dialogue, Vol.1, No. 1, 1985, pp.37-38.
    17. * "Happiness", Herald of the South, Vol.11, 1985, pp.26-27.
    18. * "Perspectives on Multiculturalism", Residential School Papers: May to July 1983, Centre for Multicultural Studies, Armidale CAE, pp.24-28.
    19. * "Who Plays the Music in Your Dreams?", Dream International, 1983, Vol.1, No.3, p.31.
    20. * "Consultative Decision Making", Northern News, Darwin, December, 1983.
    21. "The Baha'i Faith: A Series of 4 Articles," Student Magazine, Ballarat College of Advanced Education, 1977-78.
    22. “The Baha’i Faith: 4 Articles,” Tasmanian CAE Publication, Launceston, 1974.

    2.2. Articles and Reviews: Newspapers

    150 articles of about 800 words each have appeared in the following newspapers and magazines in 1983-1986.

    Katherine Advertiser.....150,000 words
    Katherine Times................2,000 words
    Barkley Regional..................300 words
    Launceston Examiner...........300 words
    The Tasmanian.................... 300 words
    The Northern News .............300 words
    Cosmos.................................500 words
    Zirius....................................500 words
    Ballarat CAE.....................2,500 words(5 articles)
    Newspapers on Internet...20,000 words

    ....enough for now.....Ron Price
    married for 48 years, a teacher for 32, a student for 18, a writer and editor for 16, and a Baha'i for 56(in 2015).

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    Indeed, you are an academic!

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    Thanks, Maxine Schacker

    Thanks, Maxine Schacker. It has been more than 3 years since I posted in this thread and I think I'll just leave it as it is.-Ron in Australia
    married for 48 years, a teacher for 32, a student for 18, a writer and editor for 16, and a Baha'i for 56(in 2015).

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