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    Exclamation New Prize added!!!

    New Prize added to the Cache. Hot off the press; we have a copy of the new book from David Freeman.

    New Prize added!!!

    CREATING EMOTION IN GAMES by David Freeman (

    The next revolution in games isnıt technological _ itıs emotional.
    So how do you create games that will grip playersı hearts and guts, and sweep them into a powerful emotional journey? David removes the mystery by sharing how to apply his Emotioneering techniques. Included in this book are more than 300 techniques for designing games which breathe life into gameplay, stories, and characters, and which will ignite playersı emotions, making them hungry for more.

    David's Emotioneering techniques teach you exactly how to:
    … Get a player to identify with his or her game character
    … Entice a player to bond with NPCs (non-player characters) _
    … Design moving and unexpected gaming moments _
    … Create emotionally deep NPCs, even if the NPC speaks just one line of dialogue _
    … Leave a player changed and even enriched by your game _

    And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Pick up this book and create the future!

    "David Freeman makes a cogent, compelling argument that game developers must offer players richer emotional experiences than they have to date. More importantly, he offers specific, concrete techniques that will get us there. I canıt imagine a developer who wouldnıt benefit from learning the lessons Freeman offers in these pages."

    _ Warren Spector, Studio Director of Ion Storm, developer of "Deus Ex,"
    "Deus Ex: Invisible War," and "Thief III" (working title). Formerly producer
    of "Underworld," "System Shock" and several games in the "Ultima" series

    "David Freeman brings to bear the tools of a writer expert at his craft, providing a blueprint for taking video games to the next level. This is an important and valuable book for any game designer."

    _ Raph Koster, Creative Director of "Star Wars Galaxies"

    "David Freeman offers game developers great insights into specific techniques they can use, not just for creating meaningful characters and immersive story-lines, but for making better games by actually weaving powerful emotional experiences right into gameplay itself."

    _ Mike Morhaime, President and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment
    (makers of the "Warcraft", StarCraft" and "Diablo" games)

    "Emotion is the key to reaching the mass game market. Successful filmmakers, novelists, and television writers understand this. It's time game designers grasp the power of creating games with emotional depth, meaningful characters and dialogue, and themes that reach players' hearts and really -- I mean REALLY -- make them care about their game's story. 3D Realms has jumped on Freeman's techniques like a rooster in a hen house. Others would be wise to do the same."

    -- Scott Miller, CEO and Co-founder of 3D Realms,
    Co-creator of Max Payne, Creator of Duke Nukem

    It has an awesome cover by our very own Jason Manley and is packed with art from many Conceptart.orgians!

    Thanks David!!

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    awesome!!!! thanks a lot mcotie!!!!

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    Yes, now I'm going to HAVE to compete. Hmmm 20 more days eh? Beter get crackin'.

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