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    Icon IDW #69: Happiness Dispenser - Voting

    IDW #69 Topic: Happiness Dispenser

    Deadline for voting: Monday, May 12

    No voting for your own entries! I repeat, no voting for your own entries

    Give critiques and comments, we're all here to learn from each other!

    Original thread: IDW #69: Happiness Dispenser
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    Artist: Tsujni

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    Artist: Nightblue

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    Joynole 3500
    Forget about the 18 hour work day, the lackluster economy, and the sky-rocketing bio fuel price! Step in the Salon of Joy. Sit down, close your eyes, feel the world shrink around you into a much more comforting size. Our harmless brain stimulator mask will bring you the best and only happiness you'll feel in this world


    Artist: IcyM

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    Some additional notes on this round:

    Once again, not a huge outcome in the amount of entries this time. However, quality-wise this round turned out some pretty nice entries, so all in all I"m not totally unhappy with this round .

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    Voted for ICYM. Of all three, that's to me the one that looks the happiest, and it would be the one I would approach to get my much needed dose...

    Tsujni: I wish the "workings" of the machine were a little clearer even if they are "make-believe". I love the interface with the palm, simple and intuitive. I wish the tree was a little more incorporated into the mechanism.

    Nightblue: It's a nice render but nothing about the design insinuates "happy" to me. I am actually a little scared of it, reminds me of something at the dentist.

    ICYM: You got my vote for the reasons I stated, but I won't let you off the hook so easy. There are definite perspective issues, and the design could be streamlined a little more. Some of the lines could be more graceful, especially in the decorative portions. With more time, maybe you can sharpen it up a little more, but I love the colors and the "magic" of it.

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    Thanks for the topic Yoitisi, I know that non-military and such isn't too popular, but I appreciate it. You can't do them all the time and it fun for me to do everything and anything to get better. It was a hard one to think about, but it was fun to brainstorm about it.

    Tsujni: Really cool design and application. Whatever world this is from, there is a story of some kind and I'm interested. The mini-cherry blossom tree is a nice touch, but if its roots wrapped around a little bit more? It would make it seem more part of the dispenser.

    Nightblue: Seeing your inspiration, you really hit where you were aiming for. Its a nice render, but there is something devious about it. Perhaps if it was more open, it would feel more happy and inviting?

    me: Looking back, it looks fine. Carotello is right, I totally rushed into it and didn't check my perspective. Decoration is pretty heavy. Also, I wish I did more design into the 'steampunkness' of it. The engine and control unit feel separated, more steam engine elements from the engine into the control/dispenser would have been better. Also, I should have darken the background behind the shower head to better contrast the sparkles of happiness derived from aether. I think time spent on the faux 1800s ad presentation could have been better used fixing perspective.

    Tsujni and Nightblue, great ideas and execution guys. I can't wait to see more of your work. See you next week!
    Opinions and critiques always welcomed!

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    carotello and IcyM: thanks for the comments!

    I was actually aiming for my design to be a bit sinister and dark, as the whole concept of happiness dispenser scares me. I should probably have gone for the "so happy it's creepy" instead, come to think of it. I had a hard time choosing between the other two entries because they are both very creative and cool.

    Tsujni: I really really liked your idea. If the cherry tree combined with the mechanical parts in a more organic and intertwined way, the machine would be much more believable.

    IcyM: you got my vote because of the beautiful design, interesting scale, and the nice magical atmosphere. The industrial feel is very charming.

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    i forgot about it again and didn't finish.
    tsujini gets my vote, simply because it looks the happiest.

    tsujini: lovelly rder and overall the most 'pleasant' looking, which i think was very important this round. could have benefitted from a little background info?
    Nightblue: Nice render and seems to be a little better thought as it is the only entry which shows a context (albeit through text). Maybe could have benefitted from a touch of cosmetic attention, it looks a little threatening as a machine if is to be dispensing happiness.
    icym: love the steampunk styling to somethign which is clearly a dispenser. as a crit i would say it again looks a little dark for somethign churning out smiles, but on a purely visual note, it might have looked better on a page if the main tank-like section was set perpendicular to the console section, rather than being totally linear. weird crit i know, but just thought it would look more interesting as an object, breaking up the line a little

    well done guys

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    Tsujni – Yours has a strong peaceful feel to it I think mains because of the mini Japanese cherry blossom (if that is indeed what it is). The only thing I can point out and its more opinion than anything is there is just to much white (blank space).

    Nightblue – Very nicely done, good lighting and all. I don’t feel I can really point anything out on this.

    IcyM – you won my vote. It’s creative and well executed. I really like the color variation through out the image. The perspective from the front to back seems off just a hair but over all great piece.
    "The greatest obstacle to discovery isn't ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge."

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    Wish I had've seen this thread earlier than I did, cos I might've had a go.

    I don't feel qualified to critique such excellent works, but I will say they each have their own unique and wonderful qualities, it was hard to choose.

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