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    First color digital painting

    This is my first digital color painting that I did on a tablet with Photoshop. I have done illustration for a very long time and I have done some acrylic painting. I have been making an effort to be as digital as possible with all my new work. I appreciate all feedback and critiques. I noticed problems I was having with color hue changes by using the dodge and burn tools. I used the marquee tool and lasso tool with Quick Mask to make more precise selections.

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    The arm is a little short, I think. perhaps, you could put a little more light in the eyes.
    but, beautiful work of colors!
    Cheers and keep up the good work! ^^

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    for a first go, this is very impressive. things you might want to look at are textures, and getting to grips with all the different brushes in photoshop. also, the arm holding the gun is a bit too short, but you can change this quite simply by grabbing copying the fore arm into a new layer and stretching it with the free transform tool, that means you'll need to drag the gun forward too. when your happy with preportions paint over it

    good stuff!

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    The arm is too short or appears to be because the fore-shortening doesn't work but that has been mentioned. I think you should definitely avoid using black for shadows and white for highlights because they usually make an image look plastic. There's something fonky about the perspective of the suit as well but nothing too major.

    Nice painting nonetheless!

    Keep on going!


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    Its a good start
    But I think you should be saying away from the dodge and burn tools and use your own judgement for the colours.
    As mention before the arm holding the gun is to short also the hand looks too small, his face looks a bit squashed and flat in some places.
    and the shoulder pad on the right curves down too soon/far, if you got a space marine model it would be easy to see what I mean

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    The gun doesn't look very solid in his hand. I think it would help if you added some reflected blue into the gun metal and vice versa, since both would be pretty shiny and reflective. I'd try to find other colours in the suit besides blues, purples and blacks as well. Also, it's been said, but adding some texture would help this piece tenfold. A couple scratches/dents would make him seem battle-hardy.

    Great start at digital though, how long did it take you?
    There is no age in art.

    Please see my Sketchbook!

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    Not a bad first work at all! Your forms are pretty well defined, you've given it a good sense of three-dimensionality, though some transition areas (like the elbows) still need to be worked out a little better. It still feels like a value study rather than a color image because you are rendering just with light and dark values of the same hues. Try reflecting a little cool and warm tones into your colors to make the surfaces turn a bit. Take a look at some reference photos, you'll find that there's usually a shift in color based on light reflected from the ground vs sky, etc. There's no shame in looking at reality, keep a file of images of mechanical parts, car fenders, motorcycle helmets, anything you can reference for how light really reacts on various surfaces. Reflectivity and highlights are also an easy way to make materials feel more metallic. There's a tutorial I did for the Game Developer's Conference on my site if it's of any help, and Scott Robertson used to have some examples or tutorials on his site if I'm not mistaken.

    Anyway, great effort and keep it up!


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