Hello! Let me start by saying if this is in the wrong section, I apologize. This is my first visit to this forum and theres a lot of sections!

Anyway, my question is about what I can use to cast from a polyurethane mold. I sculpted a lifesize bust, made a mold, but now am unsure what to do. I know of more expensive resins I can use for casting, but I was wondering if there is a less expensive alternative I can use for the first casting - just to make sure the mold came out right. I would hate to spend a bunch of $$$ on casting resin just to find out that the mold is bad. Is there something that can be purchased, say, at a hardware store that could be used? Is plaster a bad idea? (even if its not, I hate the idea of making a ginat, heavy plaster block just for test purposes). Anyhow, any advice anybody could give me would me tremendously appreciated. Thanks!