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    damn dude. serious improvments since the last time i was here. i was gonna write you some crap here about not getting down on your art but there are a lot of great comments from people already. i go through it ALL the time and so does probably everyone. just struggle through it and come out stronger.

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    Really nice work, really like that book commission work

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    Lovely stuff, keepz posting!

    My Sketchb00k regular updates
    -= i am looking for work =-
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    holy shit man, great stuff, i just went through your whole sketchbook in one go haha

    gota love your dedication!

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    hey awesome stuff I really like the ipod one. i feel ya on the imagination thing... don't worry about using ref! its just like doing a study you'll learn more and more... I think sometimes drawing from imagination is less a battle on the paper but a battle in your mind. you have to overcome all the little tricks you've picked up and tap straight into your subconscious or something anyway blah blah blah awesome work!

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    JAMIE I LOVE YOUR FACE!!!! *kisses*

    honestly dude your improving like crazy have a butt slap
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    hi OmertA
    cool studies in here - I agree with your statement on post #856
    try to fix some anatomy and composition stuff before rendering too much
    although it´s awesome how far you can push it

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    DUDE. Hi. How's it going? Great art here, keep it up! Normally I'd find it inspiring, but we're in the same pool for TC100 so so it's actually pretty scary...Heh. Good luck!
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    doooont leave me omerta post your work!

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    damn omert it's been way too long since i stopped by in here and u have seriously gotten some nice level ups through hardwork, liking the tenacity keep at it, look forward to the updates!

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    HELL YES BRO! Everything's looking killer, such big improvements Jamie!
    Quote Originally Posted by gutss View Post
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    And I said, "But God, nice panties are so expensive!"
    And he said, "Welp, I suppose you better shut up and draw."

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    love ur bridgman studies cool drawings

    but i think that there is something wrong in the first girl head

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    Hey great characters, studies, colours... everything you need to do well in conceptart. Its great to see improvement through the pages too, you cant ask for much more than that...just keep improving.

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    Krato-indeed thanks for the encourgment Krato gona keep pushing it and keep burning those wacom nibs haha. Really diggin your updates dude

    ThomasM-yeah guess just the reason why im being so hard on myself is cause im not having any schooling so im trying to work 10 times harder gets stress for me sometimes. and haha yeah that hump on that characters back is fkin wonky XD actually like everyone of my paintings are wonky really should focus more on perspective ect thanks for dropping by man appreciate it

    Morten-hey thanks man yeah I look back on that study and I tottaly messed up the eyes T.T haha but overal was a very fun study think i learned something from it *shrugs* thanks for the link by the way bro! some great ref

    jackpot_anjr90-yeah still trying to find the balence between everything its tough. I just see some artists do some realistic ass peices and say they used no ref and im like : O but yeah ill keep studying shit that im struggling with wich is everything haha

    Eddieee-yeah blocks suck! really shouldnt question myself and just draw the crap out of everything. Always gotta remember why i got into art in the first place just to have fun. Not looking to be rich hell i just want something that will last longer then I will. I think it would be pretty cool to be dead but still be rememberd for what you do like the old masters. I want to push the level of art to a next level. Thanks for dropping by dude and the ecouragment

    Kungfoowiz-hey thanks broda you got some nice progression going in your sketchbook aswell man. Keep burning those pencils and wacom nibs!

    kingkostas-yeah haha its always cool seeing the stuff from years past but still its not enough for me XD always trying to improve always seeing what there is to learn. Thats why arts so fun and overbearing at times so many things to see so much to learn guess thats what makes it the most fun its the challenge wich keeps me going. Thanks for dropping by Kostas your killin it in your sketchbook alwaying cool seeing what your up to.

    ismo-hey thanks man yeah gotta relax X3 and just paint the shit out of everything. Thanks for the comment dude

    MattGamer-damn Matt always some awsome things to say really great crits.
    "once you've mastered the basic foundations of art, you can then mold them into your liking. then breaking the rules and revolutionizing other peoples ideas and ways of thinking. that's what we all do as artists. we give people visual stimulation for their everyday boring lives. we give them something to hope for. we bring their dreams to life. we change the world around filling it with our sense of beauty, feeling, and perception!" that was some inspiring words right there thanks Matt best wishes dude will keep an eye out for your updates.

    teapo-505 brotheren whats good? yeah always gotta remeber by why i do art in the first place haha sometimes i just get stressed cause im not sure if im even improving or im just falling into the same shit. Great progress in your art buddy keep it up keep learning whats out there.

    Devrak-Hey thats man that means alot. Not to sure? haha I just paint stuff till it looks kinda cool to me but none of it never does XD have a good one dude thanks for dropping by.

    Erick Willand-ah na man its a slow journey. Im really not trying to rush anything trying to really take the time and see what it is im actually trying to learn. How light and color works man after doing still lifes its really made me see the world in a diffrent view. Are worlds a beautiful place sucks that alot of people dont see it that way and just wana rush from point a to point b. thanks for the comment man

    My57-ah im the complete opposite I suck at oils really wana learn *looks at my oil paints* need to go out and buy some new linseed oil haha. But yeah been doing tons of stuff im my sketchbooks just no camera or scanner that works X3 ill drop by your sketchbook sometime thanks for the comment appreciate it.

    Black Spot-hey thanks for the ecourgment ^^ indeed hmm elbows will have to study on that never really studied how elbows work and stuff.

    gutss-Thank you for the awsome comment. Yeah need to be more paicent about art. Need to stop rushing and see what it is im actually doing before i do it. just gotta keep with the struggle. Have a good one gutts will drop by your sktchbook sometime.

    DeKal-o shit Dekal whats up man? dude saw your work in some art magazine think it was image IFX? that was pretty sick howd you get into that mag anyway? will keep with the struggle and keep burning those wacom nibs haha
    have a good one dude your works inspiring

    jskotte-hey thanks dude characters are fun. I wana start telling storys with my art though

    Artofinca-Thanks you aswell fellow crimson daggerian haha diggin your updates

    nyje-aw thanks man. Yeah its either draw and paint or be flipping burgers for the rest of my life. Think ill choose drawing and painting XD

    papervampire-indeed some good words of advice thanks for droppin by mean alot.

    Benjie-BEN!! how goes it bro? haha noooo no butt slaps beat the shit out of my work lol beat it to a pulp haha have a good one dude keep up the hard work.

    Kristo Novo-yeah right now im trying to really plan my stuff out before I do it. Well for imaginative work any way will studys I just go all in guess thats why so much stuff is sooo wonky X3 need to chill out and have fun thinking about what im doing before i do it. Thanks for dropping by appreiciate it

    Vertical-hey sup dude? hows it going? good luck to you aswell man keep with the struggle and come out stronger on the other side. thanks for droppin by ill stop by your sketchbook sometime. have a good one man

    Krato-ahhh i know been slacking with the updates. Think I might try and daily color study update thing going I donno though X3

    snootchy-hey sup bro danm man same to you some really crazy progression in your sketchbook aswell. Thanks for dropping by means alot

    JailHouseRock2-Hey thanks Matt! same to you buddy hope all is going well. Your sketchbook pages are looking fkin awsome great style your developing and evolving

    inspectorsokar-ah yeah bridgmen that guys awsome havnt done any studys from him in awhile might have to break out the book. And yeah gosh so much stuff wrong with the FF study the eyes man I placed the high lights totally wrong X3 sometimes when you look at a peice for so long you forget whats actually wrong with your peice. But yeah thanks for dropping by bro

    dannE-B-same to you dude! will be keeping an eye out for those updates.

    wow thanks everyone for the awsome repplies means alot
    wana start telling storys with my art now.
    lets see
    ~still life rushed it was alittle overbearing doing so many objects its really wonky I have the hardest time getting perspective and symatry right on stuff XP
    ~value bust study of apollo freinds parents randomly had this in there house and I stole it. haha na just kiddin they let me barrow it. alot more of these studys in the future
    ~ingres master study this was pretty fun his skin tones he uses are crazy
    ~Last teen left standing peice you can see the wips on the challenge forum thing.

    Attachment 1061541

    Attachment 1061543

    Attachment 1061555

    color and lighting are so off have alot of learn but overal was fun think i learned something from it. But danm hands are hard to paint XP gona have to do a ton of studys cause im not sure what im doing
    Time wages on battles fought beasts slain. All to remind her of her loved one who once stood bravley beside her. All that is left ragged bones blisterd by the heat of the sun. Isolated.. not knowing where the future leads.The flowers drift in the wind as she lets go of her memories the final good bye. Death.

    Attachment 1061547

    have a good one everybody keep burning those pencils and wacom nibs!
    Last edited by Jamie Romoser; September 25th, 2010 at 12:38 PM.

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    Fan-damn-tastic work! Thanx for sharing and being a constant source of inspiration!
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    really nice value studies there - I will take a leaf out of your book and do one myself tomorrow!



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    omfg jamie u talented hardworking bastard, u the man, i luv all the sketches in ur last post, not sure if i'm going to be able to fall asleep now cuz i'm having eyegasms!

    holy moly, can't believe u did all those characters for the last strider, seriously let me get some of them artroids ur taking hehe!

    keep up the good work ur definitely inspiring me and prolly many others to do better!!

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    The result of dedication and hard work is what you see in this thread. Very nice indeed Omerta.
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    Your doing Great progress man,
    Lovefull to see
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    Heya there Jamie! I love what I'm seeing in here..Really shows how hard work pays off. Your observationals are awesome and I really like the ingres study. The skin's colors and brush strokes are great.

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    Hey bro!! Ahh.. so that's what you've been busy on, great power in those character poses. I would say though, try more variation in them, for example you have a lot of red clothing and similar armours, try to add a bit more uniqueness to each of them so they become stronger individuals.

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    Really enjoying your work. Amazing progression from beginning to end. Keep it up!
    Always Aspire.
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    *drool* you're getting there !! wait for meeee~ haha jk :3


    available for commission/work

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    dude, your still lives and studies are amazing.

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    are those who don't achieve it in anything"
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    yo dude, hows it going? by the looks of the recent updates you must be doing great keep it up!

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    why have not ı see your sketchbook? your progress is amazing and post 886 so impressive.
    Last edited by karantina; September 24th, 2010 at 02:00 PM.

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    Man, you are killing it dude, keep studying and drawing your ass off, the improvement is like whoa! Cheers!

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    shambok-hey thanks for the kind words cool I can get people to draw just have fun

    ThomasM-yup I really enjoy studies I try and do 1 everyday but theres some studies that take awhile longer.

    snootchy-Oh shit haha whats up man! haha thanks for the kind words dude! still so much to learn! If I can I wana study everything in the world! haha if only I could live forever.

    Jason Ross-Thanks alot Jason will try and keep it up and try and push things further

    Yuki_slider-thank yuki ^^ haha you always have cool things to say. <common info: in hebrew "munchess"=snackes" >>

    Sonia Leticia-Thank you Sonia hopefully I could give some advice to you in your sketchbook. Keep having fun and studying

    Kungfoowiz-ah indeed yeah got pretty bored with the characters I really want to start telling stories now. Keep up the hard work man

    AWSullivan-Thank you still feels like in in the begining of this journey still though XD

    teapo-thanks Mike keep having fun dude!

    GweNdZ-still lifes are fun ^^ really made me look at the whole world in a diffrent view. SOOO much out there to learn. How light and color works its a trip haha

    Parsakoira-Hey thanks yeah its going alright just painting and trying to study as much as I can. Will drop by and see what you have been up to.

    karantina-Thank you ^^ the still life though was so wonky X3

    Metal Fingers-man look whos talking dude you have exploded! haha but thanks dude will keep at it. Have a good one

    just dropping these studies off
    gona be putting all my time into my teen challenge entry now

    ~Frank Duveneck/ Peter monsted studies -I wana travel the world someday and do some real plein air studies
    ~Still life 1:00 natural light
    ~Reily H figure studies
    ~and some thumbnails for the teen challenge

    Attachment 1068489

    Attachment 1068490

    Attachment 1068491

    Attachment 1068493
    Last edited by Jamie Romoser; September 23rd, 2010 at 12:16 AM.

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    Really digging that last figure on the left the face was done nicely
    Check out my sketchbook and comment/crit while you're there =)

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    You have a gas mask? Won't ask why, hehe.
    Keep up the good work bro, can't wait to see what those thumbnails become.

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