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    Unhappy Sheridan Animation vs. Concordia Film Animation?

    Hi, I'm new on this board so please bear with me. ^^;

    I am having a wonderfully terrible time trying to decide which school of animation would be the one for me. I have been accepted to both Sheridan College and Concordia University and I cannot for the life of me decide on which school I would rather go to.

    I have heard Sheridan's program is a tough one to get accepted to - I was thrilled to learn I was accepted! I know I would like going to Sheridan college and I know the program is great.

    My dilemma is that I am very attracted to Montreal. I also love Canadian animation and I have heard that Montreal is where it's at for working in Canadian animation. But I do not know a whole lot about Concordia's animation program. I don't know if it is as good of a program as Sheridan's. I am worried that I will not be able to reach my artistic potential if I go to a program that is not as good. Naturally, I wish to be the best artist I can be. Or am I over-stressing?

    Another thing that concerns me is this: A lot of my friends tell me that I will not be able to expand my creative horizons in animation: they say i'll be unhappy because I will not be able to have any creative input into what I am doing. I don't believe that, but I also really want to explore my creativity and be a unique artist.

    I know that Sheridan has co-op in third year i believe (?) Would it be possible to go to Montreal for co-op?

    If anyone can give me any insights, experiences, or just knowledge on the programs and atmospheres of either school, it would be wonderful if you could share!

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    Do you want to make your own films (NFB), or are you looking for training to work for an animation studio?

    From some of what you write, it seems as if a more fine art based program might suit you.

    Have you visited the schools? I believe that Sheridan's graduate show is up now. I imagine that Concordia will also have student work and films on display. You probably should make it your business to get to both shows. Also, try to speak with recent graduates and current students.

    PS If you're in Toronto after May 30, come and visit us as well! Our graduate show will be up and student films play all day in the viewing room.

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    Actually I got the same question here. If I am looking for film animation such as the Pixar, which school would be more suitable? Sheridan or Concordia?

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    What job role are you looking to fill? I'm icurrently in Montreal right now and am aware of Concordia, but have never heard of any reputation from thier animation program, but Sheridan has a well known pedigree; in fact a lot of my favorite illustrators and animators that I've met have come from Sheridan.

    If you're looking to just be an animator, to my knowledge, Sheridan is the place to go, learn traditional animation for a few years, then move on to 3d, then work for soem years and hopefully build enough of a reputation to work at Pixar where, I believe, they send you to their own school before you work there.

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    I definitely would go for Sheridan as well. I'm studying at AnimationMentor and some mentors come from Sheridan and boy do they kick BUTTTT! Sheridan no doubt at all...

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    I know a few people who study and studied at concordia for animation. From what I heard it is a good program if you want to be a director. It is a good program for you to do indepedent films. Its less geared toward drawing but it is still a technical and theorical program. I believe in sheridan it is more technical you learn how to draw and animation very well in specific industry medium. concordia boost your creativity so you can do your own film, learning different medium not necessarly use in the industry that is my theory. By now the guy probably made a choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by CkmLee View Post
    Actually I got the same question here. If I am looking for film animation such as the Pixar, which school would be more suitable? Sheridan or Concordia?
    I haven't been through either program. I was looking into taking animation (I'm actually going to take illustration though) and went to the Concordia portfolio day. The lady there told me that Concordia was much more geared towards Independent Films, where you make your own, and Sheridan trains you to work in a studio environment (like Pixar).
    I can't give you any advice based off my own experience, but based off that info I'd say Sheridan would be much more suitable for you if you want to work at Pixar.

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    same questions,......!!

    Hi there every one I had the same questions,...but I already started a new topic, here it is !

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    I can state from personal experience that Concordia's art program is 100% hype. Everything I learned there was self taught. In 4th year, I had one prof who couldn't speak english( I had to write a test to prove that I could before I convocated) and another teaching painting who hadn't picked up a brush in 20 years and only taught the class because she had tenure! Total BS! If you can afford it, go to a proper animation school. Don't waste your time putting a round peg into a squre hole you'll regret it. If you still can't decide, pay Sheridan a visit. Also, in Monteal, there are several collages that offer various 1-2 year intensive programs and I think one of them teaches animation. If you are fluent in French then you can look into one of the french universities there. I've spoken to several alumni from Sheridan and the word on the street is that it's the best program and second is VFS for Canadian schools. Like anything, you will only get what you put in so expect to work hard and don't get too caught up sitting on the terraces looking at the Belle Femme's if you do stay in Montreal!

    PM me if you have any more questions about Concrodia's art program. On the plus side, they do have a nice Omer de Ser in the basement!

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