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Thread: IDW #68: Timber Harvester - Voting

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    Icon IDW #68: Timber Harvester - Voting

    IDW #68 Topic: Timber Harvester

    Deadline for voting: Sunday, May 4

    No voting for your own entries! I repeat, no voting for your own entries

    Give critiques and comments, we're all here to learn from each other!

    Original thread: IDW #68: Timber Harvester
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    Artist: Vantrum

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    Artist: Jim Hatama

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    Artist: D-Holme

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    Artist: IcyM

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    2057 AD. While the previous generations saved the forests and the planet for their children, they forgot every next generation rebelled against their parents thinking. With the 80s mentality of consumerism back, the thinking of 'living in the now' became the motto of the 2050s. Save the world for their children? Its not my fault they were born too late!

    Type: Berkeley class
    Longest operational harvester: A.Gore
    Processing amount: 10 sq miles of forest a day
    Power: Ford model fdt-150, diesel and coal hybrid engine.

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    Some further notes on this round:

    I decided to be a bit more strict when it comes to presentation and rendering of the concept in this round, so I'm afraid not many entries made it. I left those who didn't make it a comment in the original thread.

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    nice entries, i voted for IcyM because the design and use was the best, movable, cuts trees, and has a storage for them.
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    small round with many good entries. It was a tough choice because I liked all of them. I ended up voting for Jim Hatama despite of the piece looking a bit unfinished - the epic, industrial look of his design is too sweet. It lured my mind into imagining a whole society behind the machine.

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    Difficult to choose. I believe the idea of D-Holme is the most interesting, but the realization is too weak. Pity, 'cause I really liked. At the end I voted the mech of Jim Hatama, 'cause it seems to me the interesting and I liked the apparently little arms.

    just my 2 cents, and.. creat works to all four artists!
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    I lurk around here all the time, but I had to log in and vote for Jim Hatama's harvester.

    REALLY REALLY REALLY cool, man. The artificial-muscle arms and legs, the flying drone saws, the composition of the piece overall, I'm seriously loving this. You've really improved since the starfighter competition.

    Keep on rocking.

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    Thank u guys for crits and comments this helps me a lot)

    Not so many made it to the poll this time. But I like all designs, great work.
    Vote for Vantrum. Nice and clean presentation and somehow it feels realistic *dont ask I dunno why)* Maybe if hover engines will be introduced....

    ahh I really want to make long posts but I just cant due to may crappy english knowledge...

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    Vantrum – I like the industrial look to the design – it come across that is is battered and dirty , chewing up chunks of forest. The underside view doesn't seem to match the others - particularly around the cab where it is level with the front thrusters in that under-view and much further forward in the others.

    Jim Hatama – I really like the appearance of the machine in this entry the mix if textures and details look great. I like the style of the artificial muscles on the legs and arms.
    I have a few problems with the design though, it just looks too big for the function that is carries out and the green colour makes it look rather militaristic. I love the look but I think it's not quiet appropriate for the topic – would be great as an army robot or similar.

    IcyM – The heavy and rough look of this design comes across well and give the machine a good industrial feel and that it has little regard for the environment. Like Jim's I feel the design is a little too large for its function, though in this case the capability to carry trees mitigates that slightly. Design-wise I also wondered about the practicality of the harvesting device that it could do with some kind of guides or grabbers to help the trees fall onto the conveyor belt.


    I think that for mine there were a couple of obvious mistake that I couldn't (easily) or have time to fix. I would like to get some feedback on my design and thanks to those who have commented on the entry.
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    sup dudes, what a great set of entries.

    d-holme took my vote because of his presentation. could be better, but it works.
    what i looked for - how it works. something we talk a lot about in my ID classes is demonstrating how the object works, without the sue of words, so it is a fast and easy read.

    i believe Vantrum had something going, but i don't know how it works! i love all of the orthographic views, they are clear reads and help me understand the machine, but you need to show it in action!

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    Red face

    Wow, its great to see more people coming to IDW. Welcome to the SJSU members! I hope to see more of your work soon. Many of your ideas were a great start, but Yoitisi really hit it on the head. I hope to see more from you guys!

    Revenebo: I thought you idea was really good. Solid presentation and design, I really got how your harvestor would work at first look. Great process. The only missing things was the details. Power supply, operator area, etc. Also, break up the big planes with details like air vents.

    Vantrum: Great presentation and layout. I'm sure any modeler would love to have you concepting for them, its clear to read your harvester. But a couple of nit picky design comments. Even tho I see the function of the other arm, it wasn't as clear as it could be. Perhaps a bit more asymmetrical with the front arms? Also, since it hovers, the holding container open front looks dangerous for the operator if it pitches down?

    Jim Hatama: Love your style and rendering. Your design is the most unique, it feels different and loving the appendages. But, like D-Holme said, it feels like it would rip thru trees rather than harvest them, it seems more military. Perhaps more different or slight change in colors would totally change that, like orange or "construction" green.

    D-Holme: Great design, your presentation was solid. It totally reminded me of South American 'raider' ants that forge out from the colony harvesting for the colony. I can see an army of your harvesters sweeping through the rain forest! I liked it the best. Two notes, the arms seems like its fixed on a certain size or smaller. No room for adjusting to bigger trees. And I'm not sure on the scale. I see cut stumps and all, great adds, but something to add scale is needed.

    me: You're right D-holme, its a bit bulky. It could use a bit more mobility to navigate awkward terrain. And I could use something to guide it in... like few spears chained to the harvester! thats cool. Like what they use to shoot at whales, but chained instead of rope. Thank you guys!

    Fantastic round guys. I love coming here when I get a chance too! Hope to see you all next week!
    Opinions and critiques always welcomed!

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