Hello, I didn't know very well where exactly to post this, I hope this is the right place.

My name's Catalina, I live in Chile and I'm an art student. The thing is that now I'm in a "pause", I mean, I'm not studying right now and I won't for a year or so, and I'd love to keep learning theory even if I'm not asked to right now, just because I love it.

I know there are a lot of art books, dictionaries, encyclopedias etc. and I'm already reading some

I was wondering, does anybody know where I can get "theory" documents, pdf or texts? (
months ago a very kind guy here showed me a very good pdf document about composition, with images and all, I learned so much....

I want to know if you have something like that, online, but not because of that poor or incomplete (which is the reason I ceased looking by myself on the net) but it needs to be a virtual text, isince Chile has spanish as main language, that's why some book titles are pretty useless for me right now, I just can't acquire many english books here....

.... I know this sounds very lazy of me, but believe me, I'm trying by all means to learn, I'm already reading art history books, practicing by myself techniques and asking local artist some advice, so, why not, looking for artists around the world in this site who might have valuable knowledge to share to me.

right now, about theory, I want to read the following topics:

- composition
- color theory
- advanced drawing
- human anatomy (proportions)

I'm not a newbie but I'm neither an expert, I'm like an intermediate student, I know the basics and I have plenty of talent, but sometimes I think I don't know a thing and that I lack of a basis, so any level-oriented text would be fine.

I just want to learn more, improve as an artist, as a person. I need to know more and to get better, I can't explain very well why, is not like I want to beat others or be the best, I'm not competitive at all , all I want is to beat myself, to achieve an ideal of skills and knowledge in me that has always been in my mind and heart. I need to grow up as an artist, and I need some advice from the masters, so I can become one, one day, is my dream.

thanks a lot in advantage, a lot! this site is an oasis for me