in life is death, in death is death

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    in life is death, in death is death

    (hopes theres no meshuggah fans)

    anyway, im doin a 1 year art portfollio course, latest project was to make a "map of self" this was the kinda main piece to the map, its just meant to signify the inevidablity of birth and death and the link between the 2

    so the figures are just hand drawn with black pen, then scanned in and coloured in photoshop + the backround is an oil painting i did except it doesnt really look like that cos i did a few things to it in photoshop

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    This is a nice start, but it just looks like a sketch. Like you're still trying to figure out the process. You should clean up the figures. Trace them and fix some of the anatomy (baby's hand, forehead; man's shoulder). There is still a white outline around them, and maybe they shouldn't be cropped. Even if you want to keep a lot of the lines, try more deliberate crosshatching and less scribbles.

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