Last Man Standing 3 - Round 1 / Matches 25-48

Polish up that hefty set of brass balls, ladies and gentlemen, because they're about to be plucked out of your pink little hands by the freshest crop of entrants. Out of pure masochistic pleasure and a loathing for spending my free time wisely, Last Man Standing lives on through year 3 in what promises to be its most massive cycle yet.

A planned 360 contenders (not counting pussouts) over 4 rounds. 456 new pieces of artwork. 1 winner. And not one 1-on-1 battle. Shit is going to get intense.

The complete listing of LMS3 Round One matches can be found here:

Topic: Underneath It All

The topic, as always, is completely open to interpretation, allowing for you to visualize your concept through any subject matter you deem fit. This is an illustration-based contest, and you will be expected to turn in a completed piece that stands on its own without the aid of a description. Both traditional and digital mediums can be used, but the majority of your piece must be painted/drawn with little use of photography and 3D modeling.

Round Breakdown (links to discussion threads):
Round 1 - 360 competitors in 72 matches of 5 / 72 advance
Round 2 - 72 competitors in 18 matches of 4 / 18 advance
Round 3 - 18 competitors in 6 matches of 3 / 6 advance
Final Round - 6 men enter, one man leaves...

Judging: Every round will be judged by an incredibly talented group of judges... the list is still being finalized, but it will be a relatively static panel throughout the competition. Each piece will be judged based on technical execution, creativity in the interpretation of the topic, and overall impact. All judges decisions are final. No whining!

Judging Panel:
Aleksi Briclot
Rob Carney
Brian Despain
Dan Dos Santos
Irene Gallo
Jon Foster
Gregory Manchess
JS Rossbach

Important note about the thread layout:
There is one match in every post. The entries correspond as follows:

User1 vs User2 vs User3

Image1 is User1
Image2 is User2
Image3 is User3

Users listed in White have PUSSED OUT.

That about does it for the intro. On to matches 25-48 of the 3rd Last Man Standing thunderdome.