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    3rd time tying to post this, hope it works

    I have had my zebra finch for five years now and she is constantly laying eggs, but none of them are fertilized so none of them ever hatch since I don’t have a male bird. I have always wondered how my bird would react if she one of her eggs did hatch. Would her motherhood instincts kick in? Would she ignore it? Or would she try to attack it? So I thought that I would sculpt a life size hatchling and find out.

    The sculpture isn’t great and the paint job is poor, but I am still happy with how it came out. Its solid super sculpey the only armature was in the wings and legs, painted with acrylic paint, coated in sculpey glaze to give it that wet shiny look, and a little bit of down from a chicken feather.




    She was so afraid when she first saw it that she nearly fell of her perch when she looked in her nest lol, then she just sat on her perch staring in her nest with her neck craned out as far as possible at the little abomination refusing to go in until I took it out.
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    thats one hell of a story. made me chukle. i bet it was like WTF??

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