Hello all,

My name is Greg Philbrick. I'm currently at BYU majoring in CS and doing some part time work on a video game with Faramix Enterprises. I plan on attempting a Visual Arts degree in the vague future, though I'm going to need some work to get good enough for that.

I've done work in pencil (albeit I'm a smudging leftie), acrylic paint (which I've been missing for a while), and CG. I just recently started trying out digital painting using GIMP.

I'm afraid this is the only very recent thing I can currently post. It's a digital made in GIMP. I used a trackball mouse which I had to periodically de-lint.
synth_cat shaders

Here are some pieces I made with trueSpace 5. These go back a ways - I'm pretty sure I was in middle school when I made these things.

This stuff is very old, as I said, so don't hold it too strongly against me.

I wish I could post some of my acrylic work but I don't have any of it on me here at school so that's nix.