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    Cow C.O.W. - #115: Predator Predator - Voting!


    Topic: Predator Predator

    Deadline for the voting: Friday, 02nd May 2008

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!

    3. No voting for your own entry!!! If a participants votes for his own entry, every member has the right to call him a stupid lame moron in this thread! And i will delete his/her vote anyway...

    4. The poll is public. Your vote will be seen.
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    Artist: Hyptosis

    Concept: Drydian Forst Stalker

    These creatures were bred by deep forest dryads for use in defending the animals of their groves. Stalker's very specifically hunt out poachers and trespassing hunters and dispatch them.

    The long teeth were originally used for attracting female mates, however this semi domestic version no longer needs to rely on them in their controlled breeding program. Some older, wild breeds will have far larger fangs but will otherwise be slightly smaller in general.
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    C.O.W. - #115: Predator Predator - Voting!

    Artist: Naomi Ningishzidda

    Concept: Red King
    Extremely Poisonous. Injects venom through a scorpion like sting. Young are nestled in eggs sacs along the thorax. If killed or injured, the young burrow rapidly into the victim and extract DNA which only takes a few seconds before they dissapear into the habitat. Upon reaching adulthood the young have modified poison sacs designed to kill the creature that killed their parent. Both males and females carry young, splitting the fertilized eggs during intercourse. The young have a glowing wormlike appendage on their chin to attract small insects during the larvae and nymph stages, in adulthood this is vestigial, however it may be used during mating rituals, no one has observed the courtship behavior, as they become even more territorial and aggressive during such periods.
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    C.O.W. - #115: Predator Predator - Voting!

    Artist: RLS

    Concept: Male Sykil

    Ferocious and able to adapt to any kind of environment, Sykils have developed a reputation to be one of the most dangerous creatures know to mankind. It is agile and can kill its victim with one swift thrust with its sharp claws. Sykils have powerful jaws and can rip its prey into pieces in mere seconds. Furthermore, its exoskeleton provides great protection against other predators. Male Sykils are know to have a life span of fifty to sixty years, while female Sykils are know to live double the years of its male counterpart.
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    C.O.W. - #115: Predator Predator - Voting!

    Artist: Michael Jaecks

    Concept: Ki'cti-pa Paya
    Young Predators must face a ritual trial of their skills before they are allowed to participate in off-word hunting. They must traverse the forests of their native planet where they face a creature called Ki'cti-pa Paya, loosely translated as "Double Bladed Conquering Warrior." As a part of the ritual, Predator neophytes are allowed to carry only the double bladed weapon used by many Predators. The Ki'cti-pa Paya float silently through the trees and are notoriously difficult to kill. Even if the large gas filled bladder is punctured, the creature has redundant bladders which expand and keep the monster afloat. The Ki'cti-pa Paya is a stealthy and agile killer. Many young Predators fail the trials, are plucked off the tree tops and are carried away to be eaten.

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    Attachment 354331

    Artist: davi

    Concept: Sleeping Krawl

    The Sleeping Krawl buries underground and will burrow into cows or any other mammals that predators often hunt to set a trap. The Krawl poisons the creature, thus rendering it quickly into a rigor mortis-like state. The Krawl impregnates the beast with a poison sac that corrupts the flesh of the mammal and uses it's strong muscles to hold the creature upright. The Sleeping Krawl waits as the defenseless mammal to lure in predators. When the predator sinks it's teeth into the beast it is instantly paralyzed. The Krawl springs to life and drags both the original bait and the predator underground and feasts on them for weeks. Krawls have been known to target areas where predators attack in packs(ie: hyena, lions, tigers, wild dogs).

    The Krawl is often confused as a parasite, but it only using the cow as bait to passively hunt, it waits till after the prey are captured to feed.
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    Artist: Candras

    Concept: Sheeve Volfe

    Attachment 353846

    A Sheeve Volfe destroys every living thing in its path. They are equipped with three eyes for enhanced vision, extraordinarily large ears for detecting the faintest noises, wings for a greater range of motion, and a tail equipped with a poisonous stinger to paralyze its prey.
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    C.O.W. - #115: Predator Predator - Voting!

    Artist: Oregano

    Concept: Great Sah'Rahn Lunger

    Native world: Great Sah'Rah
    Found exclusively in the tropical regions of Great Sah'Rah, the lunger is a predominantly solitary creature, occupying territorial ranges up to 20 kilometers.

    In the wild the lunger can live up to 35 terran standard years. Captive specimens have lived to 53 before succumbing to age.

    Because the lunger preys exclusively on other predators native to Great Sah'Rah, it is considered a keystone species in its ecosystem and is therefore protected by the Terran Coalition Conservation Corps.

    The lunger is extremely dangerous, and capable of moving in sudden bursts of speed that top 125km for short distances (50 meters). Once its prey has been identified (or when defending its territory) it will make a lunging pounce to capture its prey, wrapping it with it's four spiked limbs, possibly making several biting strikes before impaling it with it's poisoned striker claws (raised above it's back in picture). The poison attacks the prey's nervous system paralyzing the prey within moments. The lunger's tri-jointed jaw will then disengage and allow it to eat its prey whole and at it's leisure.

    The lunger's senses are some of the most acute of any known animal within the Terran Coalition. Its olfactory senses can detect the pheromones of other lungers more than 50km away, and it can see not only in the visible light range but the ultraviolet and infra-red as well.

    Ovipositors are located in the back, and spiked for digging a shallow incubating nest for up to 5 eggs which take roughly two and half standard years to hatch.

    The lunger's ear nodes are located just below the neck, above the first set of legs, with three on each side. Interestingly, the lunger can only hear in the higher ranges, being virtually deaf in the lower octaves.

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    C.O.W. - #115: Predator Predator - Voting!
    Artist: Arteater

    Concept: Omega Lion

    These creatures can exterminate an entire planet of mammals, reptiles,birds, and humans. Found recently in caves in Southern Kentucky, No one knows how this super predator got here.

    Relentless killing machines with a gigantic apatites. The young concentrate on less threatening prey and stick to cattle, fish and birds, maybe the occasional house pet . The adults concentrate on what takes the food from their babies, predators. When trying to feed 12 kids at a buffet its better if no one else's kids are in the way.

    The things that make this creature so effective are :
    A: The eyes ears and nose are finely wired to the gigantic brain, witch is a lock down for trial and error memories. He never makes the same mistake twice. The ears located in the center fin contain 9 to 10 channels for sound to pass through. Each channel is wired to a different part of the brain determining in a fraction of a second what made the noise, and where it's at. The nose is finely tuned for smelling blood, though its not the creatures top offense it helps when the herds thin. The most effective sense is sight. A powerful night vision makes for a good surprise attack at any time. One of the creatures hearts is dedicated to just the eyes and ears to ensure top performance.

    B: In the legs, Sharp claws are the cherry on top of the massive leg sunday this guy is serving. With twice the bone structure as any known animal, He can hit twice as hard.

    C: As mentioned before, this creature has multiple hearts. 4 to be exact. 1 is assighned to the eyes, and ears.
    The remaining three work together to push the blood through the massive limbs and body. If you could put your head on the chest and listen to the hearts, you would only hear one for they beat in sync.

    This creature is determined to starve its race, eating 2.5 times its body weight daily, and having a liter of 10 15 cubs every three months is an apatite for disaster for all.

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    Artist: mayk

    Concept: wild wide smiley

    Don't ask me how it looks like, how wide his smile is. Whatever saw it, already dead.

    C.O.W. - #115: Predator Predator - Voting!

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    C.O.W. - #115: Predator Predator - Voting!

    Artist: Tommoy

    Concept: Laf
    The Laf is a creature of cheer terror who is on top of whatever food chain you like. The animal combines all of natures most terrifying weapons, razorsharp teeth set in huge muscular jaws witch can snap a deggo in two, claws that can rip of the head of a gfoe fgoe. It is capable of taking on the color of its environment to strike unexpected. It can fly and its fast. It can smell its next meal from miles away, its thick skin protects it from any other deathfacing predator that dares to attack him. It iz the predatorking.

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    C.O.W. 115 - Chalybant

    Artist: Draco84

    Concept: Chalybant

    The Chalybant
    (Ferrumus dentibisus)

    This powerful carnivore, found on the 3rd moon of Caelobus, can grow up to 6 meters in length (from snout to tail) and can weigh up to 1250kg. Most Chalybants live to be 60-70 years of age.
    The Chalybant's are extremely territorial and are never seen together, except during mating periods.

    The Chalybant's obvious arsenal are its two over-sized canines – measuring up to 20cm in length – that it sinks into the throat of its prey to ensure a quick kill. They also posses retractable claws on their massive front paws. Chalybants are even formidable in a chase; some have been clocked at a sprinting speed of up to 80kph.
    More curious, however, is the Chalybant's deafening roar – apparently loud enough to shatter a human ear-drum – which it uses to disorient and even immobilize its smaller prey.

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    C.O.W. - #115: Predator Predator - Voting!

    Artist: CLOISTER

    Concept: Suthurian Predator
    This is the top of the galactic foodchain.
    Equipped with numerous unearthly senses and the power to warp energies and matter, this creature will devour you at will.
    It can sense electrical thought-patterns in victim lifeforms,
    and prefers to aim in on high levels of 'hunter instinct' and 'intelligence',
    thus ridding the universe of its competition (while getting a nice meal)...

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    Artist: Fury03

    Concept: Strider

    It is the king of its territory, due largely in part that its diet solely consists of the predators of the area. Strider's hunt in familial pods ranging in groups of 5-10 individuals. Making their homes in tree's, Strider's have evolved natural camouflage helping them to blend into their environment. Their body's maintain a temperature relative to their environment providing no heat signature which allows them to effectively remain invisible to infrared dependant predators. Although they may not be the largest animal in the woods, they are equipped with razor like claws that can tear through the toughest hide and has even been said to cut through bone. They hunt in the deepest darkest part of the woods where they evolved past the need for eyesight. They are highly territorial and will defend their chosen forest habitats against any perceived threats with extreme aggression. Nasal passages in the cranium as well as large air sacs located next to and in direct communication with the brain allow for immediate and extensive information to be obtained from it's environment. Striders move to the forest floor to hunt and are voracious and tireless hunters.
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    C.O.W. - #115: Predator Predator - Voting!

    Artist: LittleDedder

    Concept: The Faced Face Hugger

    To me what scares me more than your average blood thirsty predator is one that evolved in such a way that it mimics its prey and kills in an instant.

    In this case a large parasite like creature has evolved what is starting to look like a human head on its back. It places itself strategically trying to catch the eye of someone passing by. It leaps and latches on laying eggs and feeding.

    They have not been on earth long but at the rate they are evolving and feeding mankind has little time remaining.

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