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    Smiley the faceless assassin with an 8-bit personality:

    A poor sob that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. his face and a large portion of his brain blown away by a shotgun. Now the guinea pig for a covert government experiment to create the perfect operator/operative. His body has been enhanced, the destroyed portion of his brain replaced by an advanced microchip. his coordination and agility are amazing, but still no face just a hole in the front of his head full of tech covered by a smiling mask that attaches magnetically. (no eyes or nose but mouth still intact). Unfortunately due to government cutbacks there were no more chips for his personality so the scientists used the processor from an old gameboy.

    -may be male or female
    -must have smiley face mask (open to interpretation does not have to cover entire face)
    -must have a gun
    -must have remnants of military service

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    The vagrant of 2189

    John is a homeless man of the 22nd century, he's from a lineage of pro-flesh supporters, who are now a very tiny minority of the population, but up to this point could find their place in a society where cybernetics implants became a defining part of it, (upgrading ones body with implants at any age goes without saying). They could have jobs, income and houses, live a comfortable life, because of a law that established quotas of "full organics" among companies; a law that stood still against the fierce opposition of the pro-cyber., because of his creator and greatest defender, the senator Kopay. This measure was the fight of his life, until it all went down in 2185 when he was arrested and condemned to finish his days in prison, because his deep tidings with the organ-trafficking underworld were uncovered. The quotas law went down as well, without any opposition, as it was held as the symbol of the utmost greed and political corruption. No one opposed, not even John, too shocked by the realization of what had become of his two kidnapped children. Without any law protecting them, the full organics were deemed to be all fired right away, and denied any income as they're not nearly as efficient as the upgraded ones. Though, full-organics had the masses support, so as they were fired in numbers, the companies' image was burned to the ground, and the now jobless men made sure to sue the companies for discriminatory practices, trials where the plaintiff almost always win. As the justice department uncovered more and more on the organ-trafficking case, the names of the victims were finally released, John's children among them. He fell apart as the time passed by, his wife ended up commiting suicide. His personal life was wrecked but he still tried his best at his job, considered himself lucky to still have one and tried to keep his head held high, with the hope that he would be able to rebuild it with time, alot it. But in fall 2187, the Damocles sword fell upon him, he received a note one morning, he was fired. He went public about it, contacting the medias and all, but the spectators, two years after the Kopay bill abrogation, were already over it, forgot about it. No one took John's story. He tried to sue his former employer like everyone else, but ended up losing the trial as his employer justified his dismissal by using the passing of his children and the emotional struggle he endured to deem him as ultimately unable for work, the jury saw no discrimination in the company's approach, so not guilty. And there he is : no income nor job nor assets, a homeless widower. He abandoned his pro-flesh conviction long ago, and would do any upgrade necessary to put him back on the saddle, but lacks the finances. His mental state deteriorates, he goes in garbage dump and tries to "wear" old, used, broken, cybernetics limbs, to give him the illusion he also is an upgraded one. Sometime he would go further and try to brutally implant the limbs, hurting himself by doing so.

    - male in his 40's
    - "wears" some old cybernetic limbs
    - very primal biohacking in some places
    SKETCHBOOK any crits are welcome

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    Been a while since I threw one of these in, but here goes:

    1935 Comic Character Redesign

    -an opportunity to re-imagine one of the characters introduced to newspaper comic strips in 1935, as listed on Wikipedia. This list of 10 characters includes a clockwork boy, a Dr. Suess character, a square-jawed aviator, a Little Orphan Annie knockoff, a mystical wizard, an Argentine playboy, a Canadian Mountie and one of the longest-running characters in the world- so basically something to appeal to almost any taste. Some have extensive reference to draw on (a few are still around today), while others disappeared very quickly and have very little visual reference to use.

    -may be Male or Female, as appropriate to the original character
    -MUST be chosen from one of the characters on the Wikipedia page
    -Update the character while retaining the signature traits of the original character
    Your only competition is your last painting

    My DeviantArt gallery

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    Quick spitball before going to work, might clean up a bit later... Apologies for any mistakes in my grammar btw, English isn't my first language.

    The aging time traveler
    In the not too distant future mankind finally figures out time travel - however, a person can only be transported to the near future or past, and only by inhabiting the body of a younger (or older) self. After stepping into the device the person wakes up, disoriented at first, in a moment in time that has already passed, or gives a glimpse into what the future holds for them. Whomever chooses to do so might wake up in the future with a giant scar with his face, however, it's strongly recommended they don't attempt to figure out what events have lead them to that spicific state. Likewise, they might end up in the past, in the body of a 16 year old version of themselves, with their parents screaming for them to come down and eat breakfast before going to school. Everyone who travels through time does so with a spicific mission to complete. After completing the task they are expected to return back to their 'current' body as soon as possible.

    - Draw two versions of the same character - the 'original' (current) body, and one from the future or past.
    - Make sure they are clearly recognizable as the same character, and not only by their space suit or armor.
    - May be male of female.
    - May express an initial reaction to their new surroundings after traveling through time.
    - May wear futuristic clothing / armor or whatever seems appropriate for the time and place they find themselves in.

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