Art: Max 3d/maya??

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Thread: Max 3d/maya??

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    Max 3d/maya??

    him im currently using max 3d. i august im gona go to a school were im gona use maya and finaly in 1 year im gona go to a other school were im gona work with max 3d.

    i love max 3d but i would like to know if i go with maya will i be totaly lost??

    what is the big difference.


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    There are small difference, but you will not be lost with maya if you know max. I went to full sail where we mainly worked with maya, but we had a one month class with max where we learned the basics of it. Once you know one 3d package you can learn others fairly easily, so I wouldnt worry about it too much

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    I've only been working with 3D for a couple of months, school taught Max first, then Maya for specialisation, I prefer the latter.

    The only thing about Maya that I recall is that there's no edge constraint function.

    But like Vara said above, modelling in one package is almost the same as another. It's just a matter of learning the hotkeys and in Maya's case having a customisable shelf for your most used tools.

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