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    Fun with Illustrator

    I recently landed a job as a graphic designer for a local advertising company, so I've been doing some self study with Illustrator to get my skills with the software up to scratch. Here is my latest experiment, making heavy use of the gradient mesh and pathfinder tools. Any critique/suggestions you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thankeemuch!

    Fun with Illustrator

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    First of all congrads on your job!

    I am not familiar with illustrator, nor graphics. Therefore my advise may not be very useful.

    I just want to know, what is the focus? Is it the face? If then, maybe more contrast, or choose a different color for the background. That way the face will stand out better. The hue of the entire picture is around the yellow, orange and red domain, so maybe try navy blue instead of brown for the lineart? If not, perhaps a dash or a sprinkle of a different color may help make the picture more livelier. (I just noticed the cooler gradient on the right. Maybe do something on the left side to balance it out, since the right side has so much more happening.)

    Oh right, one more thing. Perhaps darken the eyelashes. It will enhance the face more by emphasizing the concavity / shadow of the eye hollow.

    This is my personal take. By no means do you have to take these advises.

    But that's what you are here for, right?

    Once again, congrads on your new job, and I can't wait to see more from you.

    : D

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    i like where it's going. it could use some varying line weights or varying line colors.

    frankly, i'm not sure how useful will gradient meshes be in a graphic design job as they very often lead to printing issues, but i'm making assumptions since i don't know what kind of design you'll be doing.

    this particular piece, to me, is more about the lines and shapes - the gradient doesn't quite fit in.

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    art nouveau

    more time and you will get it. mesh is fun. you will need to study mucha to get the look of his art pieces.

    nice. esta quedando bien.

    my very 1st mesh intro. project apple. paint a apple in illustrator with mesh.

    Fun with Illustrator

    i did no apple. i did a blue berry too.


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