I figured, after lurking about on these forums for years now, with the recent urge to get back to drawing stuff myself, I'd open a Sketchbook Thread that could possibly motivate me to draw more or refine my images better.

First off: i'm entirely uneducated. And by that I mean I have no idea what a human body should look like, I have no idea about proportions and to top it off, I'm partially color blind (light red/greens).

I simply begin raw shapes, then sketch along until they resemble whatever I had in mind, or just delete them because I get frustrated because I can't draw a certain pose (not knowing anything about things makes this a really heavy trial/error process mostly)

Judge my images as hard as you can really, bring out every detail that annoys you, be very picky. I get nothing out of "this looks great".

I also come from an entirely different scene (hint: Grafx2), which I have the artistic "skill" from that I currently try to apply to fantasy style concept art. Maybe that's of help.

Anyway, I hope to be able to put out 2-3 sketches a week at least. Here's the first:

Supposed to be a Human Warrior, later on wielding "Sulfuras", jumping off a cliff into a large army of undead. A very bright moon is supposed to light him from behind while a veil of darkness emerges from below (a mix of smoke and dust, in darkness, probably).

Any comments on the anatomy, especially the left leg? I'd really like to draw both legs more dynamic but I don't seem to be able to manage that.