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    Impact of games on PC Technology

    Hi, This is for an assignment im working on at university on games and media and animation course, im asking for help on a project a project and would be very grateful if anyone could lend me some of their experience.

    From what i understand games are one of the primary reasons PC Technology continues to be pushed further and further, my project requires me to describe the individual game related components and features in a PC and describe the impact they had on games.
    I am having a lot of trouble finding resources on this subject that really links games and the pc hardware behind them, and i am really kind of hoping some better educated people on here could either shed some light through their own opinions or possibly direct me to some information i have missed?

    I would be very grateful for any help regarding this as i am not a technically minded person and find it quite challenging lol, Thanks

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    Well a great point is the Videocard industrie depends on the game development

    For example Crysis, Its a real hardware pusher and there will be people
    that do everything to play it. So video cards will be sold but most games
    lately arent realy hardware pushers. For example Call of duty 4
    its still running on the quake 3 engine ? or 2 im not shure
    but its just a graphical update(game play allso ofcours) and if you put it to
    low you can still play it on a low hardware pc

    dunno if it helps you but its a little

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    Well personally I know everytime a cool new mmo is heading my way (currently waiting for Aion Tower of Eternity) I upgrade parts on my pc and same goes for a good amount of pc gamer's I know. But maybe looking into market reports might be an idea. I know Alienware and Voodoo have built huge business on gaming pc's and parts but now a days we have originally business and home computer manufacturers such as Dell and Hp that are pushing their way into the pc gaming market. Voodoo and Hp not long ago collabed on a gaming pc called the Blackbird 002 which has some really interesting and cool features as a gaming pc.

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