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    Green-eyed view sketchbook

    Hi! My name is Peter i'm 22 and this is my first post on C-A and my first sketchbook ! I just finished graphic arts classes and i'm working to become an Concept artist / illustrator... So feel free to comments and criticks my works!

    There is somes sketches from my last sketchbook !

    Name:  alien.jpg
Views: 2828
Size:  60.9 KB Name:  birds.jpg
Views: 2785
Size:  84.7 KB

    Name:  birdwarrior.jpg
Views: 2753
Size:  71.5 KB Name:  centaur.jpg
Views: 2715
Size:  89.1 KB

    Name:  cultist.jpg
Views: 2651
Size:  70.9 KB Name:  deadlygirl.jpg
Views: 2609
Size:  63.6 KB

    Name:  dragon.jpg
Views: 2538
Size:  56.1 KB Name:  dressedgirl.jpg
Views: 2467
Size:  41.1 KB

    Name:  droidgirl.jpg
Views: 2443
Size:  53.8 KB Name:  faces.jpg
Views: 2391
Size:  91.1 KB

    Name:  faces2.jpg
Views: 2369
Size:  74.3 KB Name:  futurcity.jpg
Views: 2317
Size:  39.1 KB

    Name:  girlface.jpg
Views: 2277
Size:  64.4 KB Name:  girls1.jpg
Views: 2238
Size:  70.6 KB

    Name:  lezard.jpg
Views: 2223
Size:  79.3 KB Name:  mask.jpg
Views: 2178
Size:  88.3 KB

    Name:  model1.jpg
Views: 2119
Size:  53.2 KB Name:  model2.jpg
Views: 2100
Size:  60.9 KB

    Name:  models3.jpg
Views: 2068
Size:  44.2 KB Name:  monsters.jpg
Views: 2048
Size:  93.8 KB

    Name:  octosnake.jpg
Views: 2037
Size:  84.0 KB Name:  random1.jpg
Views: 1989
Size:  54.3 KB

    Name:  random2.jpg
Views: 2025
Size:  100.4 KB Name:  skulltree.jpg
Views: 1963
Size:  94.3 KB

    Name:  stranimal.jpg
Views: 1950
Size:  63.8 KB

    And 2 painting I did in Photoshop to pratice my brush !

    Name:  blue mushroom.jpg
Views: 1955
Size:  163.3 KB

    Name:  beer bottle.jpg
Views: 1938
Size:  79.5 KB

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    Oct 2007
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    30 min of fun

    here I did this , this afternoon !

    An abyssal dragon in progress !

    Name:  abyssdragon.jpg
Views: 1853
Size:  70.2 KB

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    Looking good so far... love the octosnakes and creepy monsters. I like how clean your sketches are. I'd say try more anatomical and facial practices and you'll be a pro in no time.

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    Hi Peter, good start, finally on CA!

    Keep up the good work. You need to work more on your anatomy and faces. Live studies could help a lot to improve that! I like this beer-study, is it from life or from a picture ref?

    post more!

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    speedy evening

    Xinleh : thx, yep I love drawing monster. I always clean my skecthes or else they become too messy And I'm working on the anatomical !

    Vorace : Thx, Yep finally I did the jump on C-A And my beer bottle was actually a life ref just after I drank it Working on my anatomy but d'ont have the chance to do it live right now !

    Here a speed painting I did with a picture for reference ! Took me too much time (2:30 H) working on getting faster with photoshop

    Name:  nudedemo.jpg
Views: 385
Size:  165.9 KB

    Last edited by Green-eyed demon; November 13th, 2008 at 01:44 PM. Reason: image update
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    some sketch !

    Well haven't been home all week but I had still some time to draw !! I praticed my anatomy and faces a bit... Sorry I should do more colored picture or painting and i'm seriously working on it. Well feel free to criticks my work !

    Name:  anatomy1.jpg
Views: 1790
Size:  224.2 KB Name:  anatomy2.jpg
Views: 1753
Size:  192.7 KB
    Name:  anatomy3.jpg
Views: 1716
Size:  118.5 KB Name:  anatomy4.jpg
Views: 1723
Size:  231.2 KB
    Name:  face1.jpg
Views: 1698
Size:  201.0 KB

    Here some fantasy sketch ! gonna try to ameliorate and color all of them soon !

    Name:  airship.jpg
Views: 1691
Size:  191.5 KB Name:  alienandmushroom.jpg
Views: 1636
Size:  154.4 KB
    Name:  futurearmor.jpg
Views: 1638
Size:  190.8 KB Name:  strangespider.jpg
Views: 1607
Size:  162.5 KB
    Name:  thehunt.jpg
Views: 1561
Size:  194.3 KB
    Name:  desintegratinggirl.jpg
Views: 1571
Size:  187.8 KB

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    Hey, you have some very nice progress with those pencils, keep at it!

    From the digitals the girl and the bottle are very impressive!

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    Hello there peter!
    Thank u again for your kind welcome!
    I really like ur birds in the first post, they look really good, and the bottle looks really realistic, very nice.
    keep up the good work man! =)

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    Lakka: Thanks, Love girls and beer

    Rosa: No probs for the welcome... Thanks for the birds and bottle... trying too keep it up with my drawing skill.

    Well been a long time I didn't post... Went trough a lost of someone dear to me and been kind of down these last weeks... But it's life

    Anyway, here my last update...

    Wip of a nude Gothic girl.. it's almost finish, I have to draw some more accessories though...
    Name:  nude gothic.jpg
Views: 18488
Size:  102.3 KB

    Wip of a Long legs T-rex
    Name:  Long_legs_rex.jpg
Views: 1507
Size:  99.1 KB

    Wip in Psd
    Name:  black rock desert.jpg
Views: 1489
Size:  72.5 KB

    Some sketches...

    Name:  Bugs_eater_dragon.jpg
Views: 1462
Size:  75.9 KB Name:  Chunjie.jpg
Views: 1448
Size:  108.4 KB
    Name:  gazmaked_girl.jpg
Views: 1461
Size:  72.2 KB Name:  man_killer.jpg
Views: 1428
Size:  76.6 KB
    Name:  Motivation_eater.jpg
Views: 1393
Size:  61.3 KB Name:  PHead_new_sword.jpg
Views: 1414
Size:  67.2 KB
    Name:  some_peoples.jpg
Views: 1398
Size:  90.6 KB

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    DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! need i say moar ?

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    Altered-mind : thank DUDE !!!!!! welcome on C-A !

    Well been like an eternity I didn't post but I haven't been inactive. In fack I got a lot of sketches done but they all need colors and rafinement.. need to improve my discipline and hardworking... Well anyway here some things I done in psd and Alchemy (It is BTW a magical free software that I love using just for having fun or seeking new ideas (they are the symetrical ones) and you should really check it out too (

    Here Wip of black rock desert again but almost finish. didn't work much time on it since though...
    Name:  black rock desertWIP.jpg
Views: 350
Size:  181.2 KB

    Here my T-rex finished.. Never used any ref. like you can see and only used 1
    layer for it cause didn't feel like working too much on it.. It was actualy 4 fun and it was fun to do always loved to draw dinosaur when I was young XD
    Name:  T-rex.jpg
Views: 338
Size:  306.0 KB

    Alchemy pictures

    Name:  tigergirl.jpg
Views: 339
Size:  251.0 KB Name:  strange women.jpg
Views: 342
Size:  171.0 KB
    Name:  face5.jpg
Views: 327
Size:  194.8 KB Name:  alien.jpg
Views: 338
Size:  182.8 KB
    Name:  demon2.jpg
Views: 335
Size:  149.8 KB Name:  demon.jpg
Views: 344
Size:  170.4 KB

    Last edited by Green-eyed demon; February 19th, 2009 at 07:20 PM.
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    ouaa been a while anyway here' s some updates...

    some speedpainting !
    Name:  4x4speedy.jpg
Views: 1264
Size:  150.6 KB Name:  littlemonkeyspeedy.jpg
Views: 1223
Size:  230.1 KB
    Name:  autraliaspeedpaint.jpg
Views: 1209
Size:  258.2 KB Name:  tornadospeedpaint.jpg
Views: 1176
Size:  135.3 KB

    dude I painted without ref !

    Name:  someguy(final).jpg
Views: 1154
Size:  159.9 KB
    Name:  someguyevolution.jpg
Views: 1144
Size:  91.0 KB

    painting of black rock desert

    Name:  black rock desert(finish).jpg
Views: 1240
Size:  523.9 KB
    Name:  black rock desert progress.jpg
Views: 1133
Size:  175.0 KB

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    Hey ! been busy on devellopping my portfolio this week ! here some pictures I did. Enjoy!

    Name:  chineseraptorCA.jpg
Views: 1104
Size:  108.7 KB

    Name:  goatskullCA.jpg
Views: 1113
Size:  150.3 KB

    Name:  futuristic armorCA.jpg
Views: 1166
Size:  187.8 KB

    Name:  dessinpersonageCA.jpg
Views: 1076
Size:  52.9 KB

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    Well, more than a year later, I finally post something... During this last year I've been accepted at the Ubisoft campus and learned 3d modelisation. I soon learned that video game industry wasn't for me but at least I've succeeded and learned 3d. I finally got at job in Bombardier Aerospace where I do 3d models for planes and insides of planes. Anyway, here's a couple of homework I've done for the ubisoft campus. Enjoy !!

    from picture

    Name:  femme.jpg
Views: 304
Size:  255.3 KB

    from picture

    Name:  visage_femme_low.jpg
Views: 309
Size:  89.6 KB

    Creature concept

    Name:  seamonster3 Low.jpg
Views: 320
Size:  465.3 KB

    Explosive plant concept for our final video game

    Name:  plante_explosive_Kaemmer_PL_low.jpg
Views: 325
Size:  332.3 KB

    Final project for illustration where we were supposed to someone from the class in a specified scene.

    Name:  Kaemmer_peter-louis_illustration_final_low.jpg
Views: 317
Size:  283.1 KB

    character concept. I'm not totally satisfied of it so I'll eventually rework it and finish it..

    Name:  personnage_couleur_low.jpg
Views: 312
Size:  479.5 KB

    Some experimentation with the chalk brush in painter trying the Andrew Jones Style.

    Name:  medusa_small.jpg
Views: 301
Size:  526.6 KB

    Some 3d models I did. Particularly proud of the Watch.

    Name:  frame0.jpg
Views: 301
Size:  186.0 KB
    Name:  Kaemmer_peter-louis_cgsphere_creativite_low.jpg
Views: 304
Size:  404.5 KB
    Name:  Kaemmer_peter-louis_mentalray.jpg
Views: 294
Size:  316.0 KB

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    Wow ! almost a year already since my last post.. I really need to kick my lasy ass and draw/paint more... Anyway here some warm up painting and some drawings I did. I'm really trying hard this time to keep drawing everyday!

    Speed painting of my friend, photo ref

    Name:  Julien_Speed painting.jpg
Views: 189
Size:  278.7 KB

    Painting of my girlfriend, photo ref

    Name:  marie painting copy.jpg
Views: 187
Size:  217.0 KB

    Quick picture study

    Name:  dragonfly.jpg
Views: 183
Size:  277.8 KB
    Name:  Speedpaint_volcano.jpg
Views: 192
Size:  302.2 KB

    A concept Illustration I did for our friend Christmas Party, Horribly Christmas.
    We had to do to an handcraft gift based on a random generated word on wiki. I had Star (as someone really known), so I did a zombie Bieber

    Name:  zombie bieber.jpg
Views: 184
Size:  494.2 KB

    And finally pencil Sketch I did

    Name:  Syd Barret Sketch.jpg
Views: 183
Size:  384.2 KB
    Name:  Mikael Akerfeld Sketch.jpg
Views: 183
Size:  372.4 KB

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    Thanks for the visit. Your digital rendering is good, I like the girls in post #14. Be more patient with the pencil, do not scribble. Keep it up!

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