Sketchbook: iella's bits&pieces [sketchbook scannings and digital sketches] updates almost daily

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    iella's bits&pieces [sketchbook scannings and digital sketches] updates almost daily

    Hello all

    I hail from a little island called Malta (Europe) and I've been doodling since the age of 13, and discovered digital at 14. (I am currently 18). My first sketchbook dates back to January 2005

    I have always found it difficult to catch up or find time to draw and pratice. The problem with living on an island is the lack of opportunities. There is no such thing as art colleges here exept for a design school (which is based on design rather than art) and evening government classes. I always tried to teach myself but I very rarely use reference (and that is why I find it hard to draw humans and other things). I'm fed up with studing sciences, but I do find sciences an inspiration to create and doodle up news things.
    This year I started to attend the evening government classes but we only do still life and the SAME FEMALE model (really need a male model :s)

    Other than that, I now try to practice more life drawing when possible. I doodle a lot on bus rides or during particularly boring lectures.
    This year has been so far rather productive, probably as a protest for my giving up studying (I am thinking of changing my current university course to go study Restoration in the same and only university)

    I very much appreciate critique of any form. I am open to harsh and constructive critism. I want to move foward as an artist. I have a very long way to go, but I have the will to do so

    I typically use green fountain pen ink for doodling. This week I discovered COPIC MARKERS, theyre such fluid sketching devices but theyre so expensive
    I use opencanvas and SAI for digital colouring. Photoshop for cleaning scans. And occationally sketcher (artgrounds) for it's fluid watercolour&blur tools

    I hope I did the attachmenting correctly
    Heres some selective sketches(both sketchbook and quick colour ups) from this week:

    Name:  dantedesigns.jpg
Views: 221
Size:  210.2 KB
    This is a sketch of a new character of mine. Still unnamed. SKetched up with fountain pen (yes I write in green I love green)

    Name:  wormbus.jpg
Views: 211
Size:  125.2 KB
    A worm I doodled up on a bus ride. About 15/20 min. I had to piece it toghter on photoshop as I dont own an A3 scanner yet
    Name:  hogkins.jpg
Views: 201
Size:  99.2 KB
    Something from the sketchbook
    Name:  pageofham.jpg
Views: 231
Size:  201.3 KB
    Experiments with my first copic marker. I really liked the markers so I'll probably go hungry to afford more of them
    Name:  funwithdogs.jpg
Views: 232
Size:  161.8 KB
    A scanned doodle I coloured up on SAI. I didnt intend to polish it up much, so it doesnt fall under finished work
    Name:  theswarmof.jpg
Views: 215
Size:  322.1 KB
    A doodle I did on a barf bag when i was on holiday last week. I quick coloured it later on with SAI

    Thanks for viewing! I hope to update my sketchbook at least once a week if I dont manage to upload daily. Please excuse any spelling/poor english, its not my main language

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