Hello all. My name is Steve Maisch and I am the owner of "Get the Sword Studios", a low budget, Indy film company based out of Ohio. We are currently in the middle of redesigning our website for re-release.

We are looking to obtain the rights to use a piece of existing artwork for the front page of our website. No extra work involved, if you have a piece of artwork that fits our need, we simply want the rights to use it. In exchange, we will link back to any site you choose that showcases your talent, and also mention you on our DVD's releases.

What we are looking for is a colored piece, featuring a sexy woman, holding a sword. Our color pallet is Red, Black, and White for the site. Must be very professional in appearance. We would prefer the style to be realistic instead of cartoony, and dark or sinister (think Witchblade or Lady Death style).

If anyone is interested in this collaboration, please email me at steve.maisch@53.com. Thank you

Steve Maisch