Request:time-lapsed Video of a good Speedpainting...

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    Request:time-lapsed Video of a good Speedpainting...

    hey there ,
    well, didnt know where to post this, so the Lounge looked like the best choice so far .
    So here's my request: I have to do a presentation for school and settled for CAD and the digital medium in general, and photoshop in particular.
    I intend to make a Powerpoint presentation to support my speech/lecture, and wanted to show a time-lapsed Speedpaint (done in Photoshop) to illustrate the possibilities/depth of the digital medium and to explain certain functions in PS.
    Furthermore, its kinda show-off dont want people to get bored, so i think of it as a little "entertainment-bonus" xD

    So if ANYBODY here could help me, i would really appreciate has some vids, but either the quality isnt good enough, or the picture itself is crappy.
    Google or searching the forums spammed me with hits, didnt find anything useful so far .

    My deadline is on tuesday, so im kinda desperate here..thats why i started a new topic to begin with

    have a great weekend everybody, looking forward to the german sketchmeet!

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    M@ has some sweet speedies on youtube.

    Xia has loads, I think he uses PS in a lot of them

    Bobby Chiu has a few on his blog, I think he uses Sketchbook mostly though.

    Dunno if that's what you're after, might be something in there though.

    Edit: There's a Firefox plugin that lets you download Flash video, can't recall the url offhand.

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    Here's another :>

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    I think Sparth and/or BaronThierry had posted some..

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    Mike Corrieo (spelling? D: ,) has some on his website, or some around here...

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