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    Cow C.O.W. - #113: Sound Creature - Voting!


    Topic: Sound Creature

    The artists had to come up with a creature which makes this noise:
    Click here to listen to the CREATURE SOUND

    Deadline for the voting: Saturday, 12th April 2008

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!

    3. No voting for your own entry!!! If a participants votes for his own entry, every member has the right to call him a stupid lame moron in this thread! And i will delete his/her vote anyway...

    4. The poll is public. Your vote will be seen.
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    C.O.W. - #113: Sound Creature - Voting!

    Artist: Mike Corriero

    Concept: Shallow Swamp Loofeesh
    Loofeesh are a rather small, nervous, friendly, playful, harmless breed of amphibians. They have evolved from a form of fish into a winged shallow swamp dweller that contains elements of birds such as thin scaled fins mimicking wings and webbed hind legs. These large finned appendages allow the Loofeesh to quickly make its way from one tree to the next. They flap these wings but usually in short spurts and glide their way over hundreds of feet. During the flight they will dive and weave after insects and other small food sources.
    They also contain smaller forelimbs for climbing and other more mobile actions. These hind legs are used for additional height when jumping out of the water for their food as well as slowly treading on top of the water at night. They are capable of holding their breath for many hours though like most amphibians and aquatic mammals they do eventually need to surface for oxygen. At night the shallow clear swamps are filled with a deafening echo of the Loofeesh' mating calls.
    Some of the noises are playful, others are purely for attracting the opposite sex. Loofeesh will run around, scurrying, swimming, gliding and jumping about during the day but the majority of them are much more active at night. Reproduction is something of a mystery though because unlike amphibians, fish or birds, the babies are born fully active often in pairs of two. The babies are approximately the size of a tadpole and they use their suction-like forelimbs to hold on to their mothers back between the protective fins until they are old enough to fend for themselves.
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    C.O.W. - #113: Sound Creature - Voting!

    Artist: Decypl

    Concept: Warbling Monkey Owl
    And God said "What parts do we got left".
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    Artist: UCT

    Concept: Uranius Sharkdog
    The Uranius Sharkdog lives in the swamps of Albaquerky and is very loud creature for one soo secretive. It lives on small crustations living on the swamp bed, it can walk underwater because it sinks, it is able to push most of the air out of its lungs before entering water and can breath with its gills. It makes 'the' noise when seeking a mating in the hot summer whether.

    sorry fozz.
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    C.O.W. - #113: Sound Creature - Voting!
    Artist: Daelayna

    Concept: Marsh Warbler

    The Marsh Warbler is a predatory dinosaurian bird. Standing 2ft tall, the creature feeds on frogs, small shellfish, fish and any other creature who happens too closely by. The male possesses a gullet that triples in size, which is used to make it's mating warble.

    This is my first attempt at this sort of thing ^_^.

    Hope it came out okay o_O
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    C.O.W. - #113: Sound Creature - Voting!

    Artist: Cloister

    Concept: Mystianna Rhaccimboo

    Not only Man came unto the earth through the gates of Eden. When that portal was open, to expel mankind from Paradise, various creatures also slipped through.

    This is a painted and elaborated version of a drawing found inside a previously undiscovered journal of Dr Livingston. It portrays several strange creatures never before witnessed, and beneath this one is written:
    “The sound of this creature is like that of an infant or a bear cub speaking… backwards. In my entire life as a scientific investigator I have never come across anything like it. This creature moves in the strangest fashion and radiate what I reluctantly but earnestly would describe as magic. Beholding it is like glimpsing into the very gardens of God. It lifts my heart and somehow it reduces me. My drawing doesn’t make it justice by far….
    I know I will never tell my friends at the Royal Geographical Society about it. They would make a fool out of me. This hidden river has been the height of all my expeditions, and yet I will never have the guts to mention it.”

    Zambia, 7st of January, 1873 – Dr David Livingstone
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    C.O.W. - #113: Sound Creature - Voting!


    Concept: King Creek Mouse

    This mouse is found in the mid-west United States. They hibernate all winter to emerge in the swamps and creeks.
    The males pick a plot of land and begin to fend off any competition in a vary unusual manner. The sack below the head is made out of a thick
    ,tough skin that holds both air and water. When a male gets within the territory of any other male, they will usually go into a visual power struggle. Inflating and deflating the pouch and making odd noises . The winner is determined by who ever can outlast, and intimidate the other. the victor gets the land to show off to any passing ladies who might fancy some fresh real estate.
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    C.O.W. - #113: Sound Creature - Voting!

    Artist: Matthew ‘Matteo’89’ Ciompala

    Concept: Emphonia Ramphastidae

    Emphonia Ramphastidae – is a tropical, fruit-eating bird. It’s from ramphastidae and hornbills family, like toucans.
    Species-exponent living lonely, they aren’t creating families and they live in their own territory. Territory is signing by the liquid from bill-chamber on the bill.
    This process is characteristic only for male kinds of this species, other exponents of this birds [male and female] aren’t able to get on the territory of its owner.
    Male Emphonia living in one place for whole life. Female Emphonias creating a little flocks with other females from one father, which had coition with different females in seasons.
    Dimorphism in this species is clearly visible. Females have got longer body than male and they ain’t got bill-chamber on the bill.
    Males have got shorter body than females and they’ve phonetic bag, on their chest – it’s organ-bag which enable Emphonia’s making noise in season, to be more attractive for the females.

    In anestrum time after season, phonetic bag is using like a bag for water. But this is rarity ‘cause those birds migrating very rarely (only when stronger animals, of different species are getting into male’s territory).

    When other Emphonia’s male gets on the territory of the other male, then it has to fallback out there in the time. The time is signalizing by the owner of the territory by kicking the trees using massive leg. If intruder ain’t go out, dominating male is able to kick him. After this one kick enemy is shocked and often is running away. Death is really rarely, because this is a fruit eating animal and very peacefully.

    Characteristic of the species:
    - no eyes [there is no hole for eyes in skull, there is only place for nose and ears];
    - non-flying [they have wings but it’s small and more decorative than useful]
    - they characteristic voice can be heard only in season to be more attractive for females;
    - massively built legs, to dig in the ground and place eggs in there, also to kick the enemies;
    - peacefully;
    - fruit-eating;
    - phonetic bag on the chest of males;
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    Practice Blog - Life drawings, experiments, etc.

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    Artist: Lege1

    Creature Name: Cavaticus Putri


    My sound creature uses the placenta like part of it's stomach and long body to create various different sounds that range from high to low tones. It can trick its prey into thinking that it is a small creature by definition of it's sound. The sound creature also has an excellent sense of smell which it uses to navigate it's way through the wet cave borrows of it's habitat. It also uses its sense of smell to track it's prey. This creature is not as much of a hunter as it is a scavenger, but it will attack anything smaller than it if there are no other options for food.

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    Artist: Sir Bret

    Creature Name: "Jellyfish Salamander" or Salamandi Dmiscriis

    Concept: Sound-Throwing Small-Animal Predator

    C.O.W. - #113: Sound Creature - Voting!


    The "Jellyfish Salamander" has been nicknamed so as a reference to its shiny layer of mucus that protects it from disease and consumption (once a predator has tasted its outer layer, it will never do so again - trust me, it's disgusting). The "Jellyfish Salamander", surprisingly a part of the fish-family, catches smaller water-dwelling animals by using its extensive ability to throw noises adeptly to 'guide' its prey into its stingers, which release a lethal dose of iron sulphate-8 into the small animal's nerve system, shutting them down within a matter of 3 seconds.
    The "Jellyfish Salamander" then uses its powerful claws to retrieve the most useful parts of the captured animal and consumes it via a small acid-lined mouth. It has 2 stomachs to counteract the fact that it has no teeth.

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    Artist: davi

    Concept: Quaddlebutt

    This wily creature prances through the forest undergrowth chasing after frogs and various bugs. It cant help but to squeek and rattle its throat with glee as it does so. The Quaddlebutt's is often seen flopping both its hide legs and ears about in the air while it chases his friends of the forest.

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    C.O.W. - #113: Sound Creature - Voting!

    Artist: Nathradas

    Concept: Green Snapper
    The Green Snapper spends most of his life in the water but occasionally leaves his territory to go on a hunt. His diet consists mostly of small to medium sized insects or other small animals. In the pouch on his throat he stores his long, sticky tongue he uses to catch his prey. While the muscles shoot out his tongue, some air is being pressed out of his small lungs aswell, which is the reason for those funny sounds coming from him.

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    Artist: daveneale

    Concept: Rufus-breasted cave diver

    Attachment 335969

    The extremely rare Rufus-breasted cave diver is thought by most to be extinct-the only specimen ever recovered was found by a troop of brownies who got lost on a troop caving trip in the Venezuelan forest back in 67’. A highly elusive, but extremely playful little reptile, the cave diver spends its days eating grubs, and wallowing in its secret cave dwellings.


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    C.O.W. - #113: Sound Creature - Voting!

    Artist: Michael Jaecks

    Concept: The Purple Forest Dragon of Slykeron Prime
    Three million years ago, the star in the Slykeron system underwent a significant change. Formerly blue, the Slykeron star had exhausted the bulk of its hydrogen fuel and began fusing helium into heavier elements, shifting its color reddish. Creatures on the closest life-bearing planet, Slykeron Prime, suffered. Every sighted animal on Slykeron Prime was accustomed to seeing things in the blue-violet-ultraviolet end of the spectrum. Shifting the visible light spectrum to primarily red-infrared blinded them all. Many creatures perished, unable to find food. Those that could adapt quickly enough used sound as their primary sense, developing a sort of rudimentary echolocation ability. Over three million years, this tendency evolved in all the surviving Slykeron species, which makes Slykeron Prime a fairly noisy place. Each species developed its own distinct lexicon of complex vocalizations. The Purple Forest Dragon of Slykeron Prime is no exception. Not much bigger than a rooster, and bearing six, blind, vestigial eyes on its chin, the Slykeron Forest Dragon makes a bizarre range of infantile coos, cries and gurgles. Part of its call involves blowing saliva bubbles, often when attracting a mate.
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    Artist: mrpank

    Concept: Natixorat

    What i can say,this creature is very aggressive,very hungry,sings nicely and he likes ice-creams (delete "ice-creams")
    any way, natixorat uses his voice to lure females and copulate,natixorat has two large antennas
    by which he receives messages from females,females do not sin they only spray small pollens
    this monster makes two things,eat and reproduces.
    He is very nasty.
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