Like many among you we have lost count of the number of mind-blowing ideas that turned into promising pilots only to get buried under a pile of bureaucratic s**t. Instead of complaining (did that a lot too) we decided to find a way and fix what was broken. For the last year we have been working on a secret project that will eventually give us control over our own distribution channel. Originally, we intended it to be a channel for our content only. As our staff expanded we started to realize that for every talented fish we caught, there were thousand others that slipped our net. This is why we decided to open our doors to everyone out there that has created a mind-blowing idea, turned it into a promising pilot and wants it to realize its full potential (bureaucratic s**t aside). Like always, Highlander is only interested in the best that is out there. At the moment we are looking for series at an advanced stage of production (Pilot episode, trailer or teaser).

The general guidelines are:
• Audience: 7-114
• Average episode length: 1-10 minutes
• Full copyright owned by the sender
• The pilot and series have not previously been published, promoted or distributed
• Most importantly: Has to be creative, different, refreshing and watchable

If you have something that fits the bill, send it to:
If on the other hand, keeping in mind that rules are meant to be broken, you have something that doesn’t fit the bill but you still think we would love it. Send it over too; just remember that you are going to be judged on extremely high standards for not obeying the rules.

Good luck,
The Highlander Team