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  • Trashy

    3 8.33%
  • Joey-B

    0 0%
  • maks444

    11 30.56%
  • MarkDN

    1 2.78%
  • Epias

    9 25.00%
  • Renren

    0 0%
  • Paulypaul

    2 5.56%
  • dabble

    10 27.78%
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    Icon IDW #65: Engineered Ent - Voting

    IDW #65 Topic: Engineered Ent

    Deadline for voting: Sunday, March 30

    No voting for your own entries! I repeat, no voting for your own entries

    Give critiques and comments, we're all here to learn from each other!

    Original thread: IDW #65: Engineered Ent
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    Artist: Trashy

    Attachment 331194

    These ent's were specially engineered in these pottern objects to levitate above the ground making them safe from those mean old lumberjacks. They also were made to make Ents migrate and move far faster. It is believed some ent's now have floating forests high above the clouds.


    Artist: Joey-B

    Attachment 331195


    Artist: maks444

    Attachment 331196


    Artist: MarkDN

    Attachment 331197


    Artist: Epias

    Attachment 331198

    Why walk? Let these things drive through the forest!
    This ent is the oldest one of the forest and is unable to walk. So the people who live in these trees build some kind of machine to move the ent to other parts of the forest.


    Artist: Renren

    Attachment 331200

    "After the last battle opposing the Orcs and the Ents, not one of these Tree-men survived.
    Since then forest disapeared worldwide, no one was left to take care of the trees.
    Some orcs tried to revive the ents to train them as battle-machines.
    Most tries where unsuccessfull, but some mortals tell stories about strange Engineered Ents walking in the desert in search of water..."


    Artist: Paulypaul

    Attachment 331201


    Artist: dabble

    Attachment 331202

    It's the last remaining Ent in it's known realm. In order to keep the species alive the Ent has been retrofitted with special engineered limbs and inner workings. The hope is that the future will provide new technologies to clone and re-establish the Ent back to the natural balance.


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    Couple of notes on this round:

    Overall some cool entries this round. however, several didn't make it to the poll:

    Legato: Still a WIP

    D-Holme: Although the idea and presentation of it were okay, I think you can do much better than that It looked a bit rushed.

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    Trashy i like the rendering, but the concepts it self looks more like a tree in a pot, nice ones but not enough engineered limbs
    Joey-B very cool, but to much of a sketch, facial is great
    MarkDN nice start, would have liked to see a more final version
    Epias you got my vote, first because of the colors, love them but also because of that "wheel chair" idea for the eldest, liked the image
    renren I think the color harmony is of, i did nt like the streched texture on the ground and mostly in think theres a problem with scaling, one way to show the grand stature of the ent would have been to make the sign about a lot smaller then it is, but the mechanics also represent something that is tractor size whem it should have been building size
    paulypaul nice image but it juste did nt apeal to me, maybe not enough vegetation i think
    dabble nice entry, cant really say why it did nt get my vote, probably a kind of cerebral heads or tails between you and epias

    the very few who participated prooved how hard it was this one.
    when people stop critiquing its because they stopped caring

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    thanks a lot Maks, for these constructive comments

    It was my first entry in this section, i learned a lot. I really think I should spend much more time on sketshing for my next entry.

    Gratz to all the others who participated, i like them all, and I still could not decide wich one of your's is my favorit..

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    + nice brush technique
    - its a pot not an ent
    + walking ent head from futurama =P
    - not finished, cow took more time, he? =)
    + nice concept, nice rendering of the mechanical parts
    - rendering of the background, leaves, floor
    + looks interesting
    - blur
    Epias RUNNER-UP
    + great concept, great illu, nice colors, lighting
    - only a part visible, the ent isnt there
    + interesting mechanical parts of the ent, idea
    - the ent, wood, rendering
    + nice shading
    - its a chicken ^^, mechanical parts flexible, face unrecognizable
    dabble VOTE
    + detail on the body, the body itself
    - background, floor, sunken platform on the left side and its lighting
    [] sketchbook [] [nsfw]

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    Argh, I'm really sorry about submitting that, guys, it was only supposed to be a thumbnail. I hardly worked it out at all! I started close to the deadline and then was out of the house most of the time after that.

    I already crited half of these in the WIP thread, but the ones I didnt;

    Trashy, that looks gorgeous but to me it's more like a bonzi in a fancy pot rather than anything engineered.

    Renren; very grungy idea, looks cool although I would have liked to see more designs on that specific theme.

    Paulypaul; Very cool, although it feels half magical, like a true ent with bionic implants, rather than an entirely engineered ent It'd be great to see a more worked up version.

    Dabble – this is definitely awsome although again, it's more like a magic ent with bioic implants than an engineered ent.

    I think Epias's piece fits the theme most suitably, and it's nicely painted but honestly, I think we all could do a lot better, so I don't really feel like voting this time round.

    Mark's new sketchpad (March1st) | Art blog

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    thanks for the votes all of you
    when people stop critiquing its because they stopped caring

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