Hi there!

i'm 20 years old and i was always fascinated by digital art. bought this week a graphic tablet and now i'm on my way to become a good artist. (hopefully )

I could never paint as good as i wanted it to be, but i'm working on it ^^

Here it goes

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This was the start of mindcandyman's journey too ^^

Name:  Unbenannt-2.jpg
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The first playing around with the tablet.

Name:  gothtussi.jpg
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Well, doesn't look similar, but at least one know what it should mean

Name:  wüstenschiff.jpg
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Tested a few brushes and worked on wide open lands. I think i didn't succeed. Dunno how to work out wide spaces and how to set up objects in there.

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Saw this in an other painting and tried to assign the same disposition with ligting and colors. isn't finished yet.