Sketchbook: Wholewheat_keyboard's bag of whole grains!

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    Wholewheat_keyboard's bag of whole grains!

    ~ I finally started a sketchbook, so now I have somewhere to put my latest life drawerings and character of the week entries! I'll get this sketchbook started with a satisfactory dump of my most recent (and some

    older) work! Anyone feel free to comment, criticize, praise, worship, adore or lampoon

    ~ first three are life drawerings from 3-3-08, 10, 15, and 20 minute "studies"

    ~ 3-10-08 (10 min sketch)

    ~ 3-10-08 (15 min)

    ~ 3-10-08 (20 min)

    ~ I like to draw hands. This one is from sometime in August '07.

    ~ Here is my first EVER post, it was from DSG (daily sketch group) 1063: Large Artic Spider has heavy, blubbery, walrus-like flesh - a great subject indeed, although this spider didn't come out as portly as I'd intended, we still had a good time, I'll call him William.

    ~ My second conceptart post, here I found the moxy to enter the infamous COW thread (creature of the week) - the topic was Firestarter here is the description I wrote:

    This unfortunate pair of elongated Rat-Weasels are genetically-engineered test subjects which are bred and trained as part of a military infiltration & sabotage operation codenamed Firestarter. The rat-weasel's are highly fire resitant and tolerant of extreme heat. In early infancy 2 rat's are paired up with their tails tied together, for the next six-months the rats are trained to seek out enemy fuel & ammo trucks, food supplies, munitions stores, and so on. After training the rat-weasels will be used in covert sabotage operations, where a small flaming device is attached to the rats entwined tails, then the rats are dumped off too seek the nearest target for destruction. They are also adept at creating chaos in enemy ranks and frightening enemy guard dogs. However the survival rate for their missions is quite low, thus veteran kamikaze rat-weasels are in short supply, and the rat-weasel trainers do have a tendency to cry more often than most military personnel.

    ~ I got zero votes for this entry, but truthfully was just happy to be able to enter without receiving mass ridicule

    ~ Now I moved onto the infamous Chow thread, the topic was Motocentaur, sounds cool yes? but only six people entered! Again I received no votes, but I blame the other entries for that!

    ~ Next I moved to another sketch group, the "New Media Coloring Book, vol.2" - here artists post sketches they've done, and then anyone who wants can take those sketches and color them. It's a good time Here is my first entry in this new territory, I used first rate lineart created by DaveTheOriginal - thanks Dave! (p.77)

    I used another of DaveTheOriginal's sketches. He can drawl good.

    Another one, used Dave again.

    Brkofdon drew this one.

    Artmessiah drew this un.

    ~ I went back to the dirty old chow thread, and making my own drawrerings too. This is from chow 86: "The Junk Collector"

    - This was a very exciting entry for me, as it came out a bit better than my prior chow attempt, I actually receieved 14 votes!!! I danced around my bedroom singing praises to all the heroes who voted for me! A very big day for me, my first ever voters and so many! My entry was the third most popular and I slept like a lamb that night

    ~ With unprecedented bravery I entered two character of the week challenges back to back! This one was chow #87: Future Caveman. I tried to get creative and make an atypical caveman, although secretly this was really a vision I'd had of myself in the future...

    "they kept to themselves, recluses of society, plugged in to their nutrient tanks, offal recompositors and virtual networks, the cavemen of the 22nd century spend their lives in complete isolation from mankind..."

    Again I had wild success, I received the endorsement of six heroes this time, and due to the small turnout my work was again 3rd most loved, which I didn't expect at all, but makes me feel so warm inside

    After a 23 chow hiatus, which, if my math skills are still functional, is nearly 6 months!! ~ I've come back to conceptart, this challenge doesn't end till sunday, although I don't think I'm going to do any more work on it. The character idea this time was quite good, it is called: Historical Gender Bender - where you take any figure from history and drawl them as the opposite sex. I choose Ghengis Khan, or by his birthname, Temujin. Now it's Temujina! At the time I wasn't aware of anyone else doing this character, but currently it looks like several people choose Ghengi, oh well, looking forward to seeing everyone's entries.

    Here we have Temujina (note the boobs, rosy cheeks, and flowers, which make this character obviously female) - about to decapitate her horse, for misbehaving.

    [ATTACH]Attachment 327921[/ATTACH]

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    hey, that's a hell of a sketchbook. nice life drawing studies, and those three CHOW are totally bad ass. love the bkg's and color treatments, not to mention the characters are all freakin sweet as well. crap, now i'm gonna have to start entering to keep up. like we don't have enough to work on already. let's see some more

    if it's ugly... it's art.

    some ugly:
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    Thanks Jeff! your art has always been a HUGE inspiration to me

    I haven't abandoned my sketchbook entirely, here is a little update with some more recent art.

    This was for CHOW 225: Viking Berserker. I left it unfinished as I wasn't able to get it in on time

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    Trying to get back into digital painting, this was an attempt to try and paint in a more natural method, meaning I didn't use any masks (first painting I've ever done this way) and tried to minimize the number of layers I worked on.

    I think I spent about 4 hours in photoshop with this.

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    I do a lot of 3d models, here is something I made for practice. I wanted to make a simple low poly model that had a nice texture (I find modeling kinda tedious but really love doing texture work) - I started by doing a quick sketch and coloring that in photoshop, then I made the 3d model in about 2-3 hours, then worked on the texture for about that long again. I didn't totally finish it, maybe I'll go back to it at some point.

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    More faces, was trying to come up with a zombie character.

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    Did more concepting for a cartoony zombie character. Did a bunch of sketches that I could use to build and texture a 3d model. Again I didn't finish the model, this one took me longer to make, maybe 7-8 hours?

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    Don Seegmiller has a great book on digital painting, I followed one of his tutorials to paint an eye. I was happy with how it came out.

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    Here's a quick character sketch and painting I made last night.

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    This was from April 11th, was following a tutorial.

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    I liked the b&w face tutorial I was doing, here are some more.

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    I wanted to take part in Character of the week #240 - but I didn't end up starting on it till it was already over . Oh well, still had fun!

    I tried to concept out the final painting a little more than normal.

    I first made a quick character design in photoshop.

    Then mocked up a little thumbnail to figure out the general composition.

    Here's the final, it took me longer than it looks I think, probably a good 8 hours.

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  20. Started on chow 241 "The Yakuza"

    I only got to work on this for a few hours before I was pulled away. My plan originally was to do a male & female character, was trying for a more contemporary look. Here I sketched up a mannequin and tried out different clothing ideas. I had a lot of fun doing these even though I never ended up with any I really liked. I think I liked the 4th from the left the best, although I felt all of these needed to be pushed further.

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  24. Some ship design sketches (drawn in pshop)

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  27. Trying to learn environment painting - 1 point perspective tutorial

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  30. Tryin to learn how to draw in photoshop, did a tree!

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  31. more tree

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