sketcheth - thank you; yes, vine charcoal and a soft charcoal pencil

imaginary - yes, it's ink. Thanks

dafin - method hmm, always different depending on what i want to do. Some are from a mirror, for others i used foto reference; regardless of the medium i try to get the general proportions and values first and then just draw/paint until more or less achieving what i wanted or accidentally got. Just regular 2B pencil or lead holder and kneaded eraser. For some charcoal/charcoal pencil, pastel, ink or oils. Sometimes i am also toning the paper.
I never really pay attention to the time i spend, but i guess it is very different, ranging from maybe 30 minutes to some hours. They are lit with the normal light in my room or a desk light that i can set up. I hope that answers your questions and sorry for the late reply.

Thanks to all the others for the comments, Giow, Clodioz, polipol

This was for international self portrait day
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