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    Portfolio WiP

    Ok, here are the first few paintings for my Portfolio for the Academy of fine Arts.
    I dunno, just tell me what you think, tomorrow Ill write a bit more what I want to do with it and what I like about it and what I dont (at the End, I want to have about 10-12 Couloured Pictures in it, two Computer-Works, probalbly Mapshots, and the rest will be Lifedrawings).

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    The lifedrawings are obviously not finished. The last one (face) has anatomy issues (neck). The colored ones dont have great shadowing. You suck at photography =P The one with the dissection has weird perspective, collarbone wrong, neck to long imho.
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    Good start. It looks to me like you're in the stage between super-defined muscles and more natural ones. I'd say study anatomy period, muscle charts etc, but also draw real people with real skin overtop so you can see that what's underneath doesn't ALWAYS show up the way it looks without skin

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    I don't see lifedrawings as unfinished just because you've left things out, though I believe in your case you're abit lazy.

    I'd say your lineart is way better than your paintings. It doesn't seem like you're giving the paintings any time or thought, you're just trying to produce because you have to. I suggest finding some goal with your paintings, not necessary to rip of other artists but to be able to analyze what's good.

    Your colourscheme is very bad right now. Black with orange-dirt doesn't really make a good painting. Neither does mixing your orange with black for shadows, and with white for light parts. Analyze more and paint more.

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    I'm far from an expert but I'd hazard a guess that you'd want something much more polished for a portfolio. Take the time to do your very best work and study up on any weak points. Oh and practice your butt off too. Hang in there!

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    Ok, thanks first to all of you...
    I think too, that my Linedrawings are better than my paintings.
    I think the way to learn Painting is learning to draw the lines first, then Light&Shadow and the final step would be Colours.
    Im at the beginning of Phase two now, Id say and I really enjoy drawing from life, from Photos and from Imagination.
    The Problem is that the Portfolio has to have Paintings in it.
    I think Morte described it pretty good... I do those Paintings because i have to do them.
    I dont really enjoy doing them since Im never really satisfied with them.
    Right now, im just painting and painting and painting and hope tp get enough "happy accidents" to get my Portfolio finished.
    I have to Include 20 Pieces of my work. I have to hand the portfolio in in two months from now.
    Right now, im doing Selfportraits (about 3-4) and the final portfolio will include
    10-12 Paintings, 4 Mapshots and 8 Lifedrawings.
    I dunno wether my skills are up for the academy but we`ll see I guess.
    If you can provide me with any Tipps or Critiques, id be glad to hear them.

    P.s.: Right now, I want to have two of the Black Guys (the two Frontviews), the Baby, the Demon (as soon as its finished) and the two life ones (Oo) in there.

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