Corrick vs CupidsArt _ "Ready for Judging"
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    Corrick vs CupidsArt _ "Ready for Judging"

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    player 1 (CupidsArt):creeps up in the dark
    A- You are hidden in the woods as you oponent aproaches you drop from a branch swinging a club.
    B- you bust the face of your oponent useing a spiked club, the splaters drip from your chin.

    player 2 (Corrick) :you spot a figure in the dark
    A - and produce throwing blades as they fly through the air the figure didnt even know what hit him.
    B - you produce a charm of light and blind your oponent leaving them to be devoured in the woods by animals.

    Beginning March 14th @ 8:00 pm and Ending March 16th @ 8:00 pm.

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