Confection #3 - Evolution`s Misfits. ~open to all~

Hello boys and girls.

This here challenge is a nice and fun designing exercise I had the pleasure of running for quite a while now at another CG forum.

The rules are simple enough, and the possibilities are Endless (well, no. not really, but the possibilities are quite vast...)

in a nutshell -
We give you 2 animals - you combine them into 1. you got about a week.
sounds easy, right? well, yeah. if you go the tomato route.
but keeping it unique and somewhat fresh is harder than one might think.

anyone who feel like giving it a go - is more than welcomed.
come the deadline - a public poll will determine our winner.

confection #3 :
Confection #3 - Evolution`s Misfits. ~open to all~

deadline : Mar 23, Sunday.

that`s it basically.

good luck ppl,
and cheers.