Hello everyone.

First of all, I'm thrilled to see all this fantastic artwork in here. I'm a new member, but I've been on the background listening and watching you guys at least for awhile, hehe. Seeing these beatiful works makes me wonder if I will ever be that good. Which leads us to the reason for why I started a new SB.

Now, I'm not very good at drawings nor paintings. I have done a few paintings and even when somedoby sees it and says "hey man that's great" I disagree with him/her, I just want to be better. I started drawing couple of weeks ago, and I have been just doodling and messin' around with my pencils. Okay, so, I will add pictures here for what I have done and I hope that when I do more and more sketches, I will eventually "evolve" into a good drawer.. Or something , anyways I'll add pictures ASAP.

I like to do some stuff with photoshop and yesterday I ordered a graphic tablet. I thought it would help me to work with photoshop and that I could draw all kinds of things with tens of different pencils, kinda like experiment things... Is somebody here who owns a graphic tablet, any tips?

Oh, yeah, a little bit of my background: I've always liked drawing. When I was a little boy, I used to draw things from Donald Duck magazine. I also drew other things. From elementary school to highschool I have always taken art classes just because they were fun. But still, I'm not very talented at drawing.

Ok, that's pritty much it for the day. I have to go to school now. But I'll add some of my (crap) sketches here ASAP. I hope you enjoy reading this, and I hope you understand it also, due to the fact that I'm no american. I live in Finland, you know, where the polar bears stalk me just behind the corner ;D