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    List of Swedish art schools [Help me add more European schools]

    I'm having trouble finding artschools that suit me, living in Sweden I've found none that will give me the education I want. I suspect there's more students that has the same problem, so I thought people could help me and make a list. I'll try to keep this first post updated with whatever information I can find, or that You'll post.

    So far I'd like to keep this to fine art, graphic design and video game related programmes.



    I am unsure about the programmes, but I'm fairly sure most of them are taught in Swedish. Also keep in mind that all Swedish school are free of charge unless I mention something else, and that alot of people apply for each course (up to a couple of hundred on the most popular ones).
    I should probably also mention that it's become more of a tradition to take one or two years in pre-college before applying for universitys or colleges in Sweden. If any younger or inexperienced artists want information about these feel free to drop a line. I'm currently in the end of my second year of pre-college courses (dated spring '08 ), and I do have information about shorter programmes. I'll wait with listing those unless someone asks.

    The programmes listed are Bachelor's Degrees, if nothing else is mentioned.

    Atelier Stockholm - (Formerly Pantura Studios?)
    Located in Stockholm, Sweden. From what I can tell the only realist painter school in Stockholm. I have vague memories of the authors of the school being active in these forums, though it might have been some time ago. The school only has one programme, and I'm not sure at all how classes and students are organized or enrolled. Maximum is 24 students plus 6 in an evening course (much like Beckmans, except in realist art). Though it seems like the best school I can find, it also has the drawback of having a tuition fee of 70 000 SEK (roughly $10-12k/7-8k€), being alot compared to nothing in the other schools. It also lacks the necessary approval of our institution for schools, which means Swedish students can't get normal loans for this school (CSN).

    Realist Art. Not sure what to call this one. The course seems to have alot of real classes and focuses on a traditional education. Cast drawing, life drawing and alot of painting.
    I do not know how to apply or if any portfolios are necessary, only that is has a maximum of 24 students.

    Mentionable is that this school is the same that taught our beloved MindCandyMan. Only that it's moved to Stockholm. For those of you that doesn't know of him, shame on you and use the search button.

    The Florence Academy of Art in Mölndal
    Located in Mölndal which is close to Gothenburg, Sweden. It's basically a branch of the Florence Art Academy. I haven't got much info about the school, but I do know it's a realist art school and it's very similar to Atelier Stockholm. Only one programme. Costs about $4k per trimester according to their site. I suggest mailing them about the differences between the Florence school and their Mölndal branch

    Realist Art. Their site lists a couple of different programmes involving painting, landscape painting, sculpturing and such. I'm not sure I dare to mention them since the branch in Sweden is smaller than the 'real' school.
    The site has instructions for applicants. Takes 35 students at the most.

    Konstfack - University College of Crafts, Arts and Design
    Located in Stockholm, Sweden. Has two courses that could be relative for people wanting to work in the industry. My own impression of the school is that it's fairly usable for learning technical drawing or any painting. Main focus lies on the graphic design course, mostly used for people working in advertisement industry.

    GDI, Graphic Design and Illustration. Graphic design (with typography), illustration (with photo and graphic art), animated design & digital medias. The school also has courses in theory (essays, marketing, rhetoric, presentation technique and more). Popular amongs Swedish illustrators, but doesn't have any focus on anything close to perspective, anatomy or other technical aspects of art.
    The programme has alot of applicants and 6-8 compulsory assignements such as 'make a movieposter for a book', 'make a campaign for...', 'illustrate a book cover' and more.

    Fine Arts. In short, You get to share an atelier with another student. No compulsory courses, everything is decided by You and your mentor. Probably not the best choice for someone that needs a teacher, but mentionable for people that can work for themselves. From rumours and friends I've heard they usually take on about one painter a year, whilst the rest of the places are filled with things like performance art or such.
    This course has the most applicants of all the programmes in the school. 5-10 Free works documented in a portfolio, whereas many pages can be documentation for one work.

    I might be wrong here, but someone told me that Mattias Snygg (Mon on the forums) went to this school. His biography only tells that he's been studying art and sculpture for three years before starting with concept art.

    Located in Stockholm, Sweden. This school is focused on advertisement works, illustration and fashion design. Judging from the things I've heard about this school and the student portfolios on the site I'm guessing it's pretty far from concept arts, but still worth to mention. In my current class I've had graduate students from the school as teachers. According to them students can illustrate their way all through their programmes, tho I guess the mentoring will be abit lacking. Also has evening classes for younger and less experienced students, tho they cost abit.

    Advertisement and Graphic Design. Probably the most related programme. The course is very similar to the previously mentioned GDI at Konstfack, with more focus on advertisement and design.
    I have no real numbers, but I believe this course has even more applicants than GDI. I will correct this once I know more about the numbers of people applying. This course also has compulsory assignements for applying.

    Royal University College of Fine Arts - KKH
    Located in Stockholm, Sweden. I don't know that much about the school except it has alot of resources. I haven't done much research about the school, but apparently they sponsor you with alot of material and other necessities. Only has one course I believe.

    Fine Art. I believe it's very similar to other Fine Art programmes in Sweden, except it has open workshops and courses that annyone can attend to. The difference between Konstfack and KKH is probably that this school has more traditional art students, rather than performance artists. Since the school has more resources than most others, it also get alot of applications.
    No compulsory assignements for applying, only a number of free works.

    Valand - School of Fine Arts
    Located in Gothenburg, Sweden. This school is also very similar to the other Fine Art programmes. The main difference is that it's located in Sweden's second largest city, Gothenburg.

    Fine Art. This, just like the other Fine Art programmes in Sweden, is focused on performance, installation and 'other' kinds of art rather than traditional painting. I've visited the school myself and seen their exhibitions, without any interest of the school.
    Applications are most likely free works, can't imagine that they have any compulsory assignements.

    HDK - School of Design and Crafts
    Located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Much similar to the other design schools in Stockholm. Has a number of crafts programmes, but only one design programme. The school is a part of the University of Gothenburg and has a couple of courses selectable for all students.

    Design. I think the programme is varied abit more than the other design courses mentioned, much because it's one of the few located in Gothenburg. I believe both illustrators and industrial designers can take this programme, even though I'm fairly sure it's not interesting if you want to work with traditional art.
    Also much competition to get into this school, many applicants from the southern region of Sweden. I believe there's no compulsory assignements for applying.

    Umeå Institute of Design - Umeå University
    Located in Umeå, Sweden. Has a number of different designprogrammes, only one in english it seems tho. I believe it's a good school with focus on industrial design (something I haven't noted in the other schools, tho they have similar programmes). I won't mention any of their specific programmes, since I don't know much about them. The school also has a couple of one year courses.


    That's it for now. I intend to fill this up with more bachelor's degrees programmes from other countries. I plan on adding Gobelins from France, the Florence branch of The Florence Art Academy and a couple of more that I know about. I hope that you can forgive all my spelling errors and mistakes I've made now, but just this took some time to write.

    Any tips ideas or information is very welcome. My hope is to have this filled with information about all related schools in Europe, and my ambition is to update this thread and post for as long as I can.

    Last I'd like to ask if I should change the order. I'm thinking listing programmes rather than school, organizing them from their courses rather than their location. Right now it goes; Country->School->Programme.

    .cheers for now
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    Hi, thanks for the list! Another Swedish art school that teaches foundations seems to BASIS in Stockholm. Tuition is required, but it's not as bad as Atelje Stockholm and FAA in Mölndal I think.

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    I like your idea! Actually, I'm looking for places to attend the next course due to some problems, and I am also crafting a list of my own. I'll let you know what I have so far.

    - Arteneo
    Diplomatura Superior en Arte 3D & Dibujo. Ilustración digital
    Spain, Madrid
    7180€/Year x 3

    - Esdip
    Creación Artistica Grafica y Digital
    Spain, Madrid
    5063€/Year x 3

    (These above are located in Spain, and very likely taught 100% in Spanish.)

    - Angel Academy
    Angel's Programme
    Italy, Florence
    9000€/year x 4

    I haven't found any mention to the teaching language, but since the whole website is in English and there is no mention of Italian anywhere... I assume it's in English!

    - Lavender Hill Studios
    Traditional Techniques
    England, London

    Also, I'd like to mention I'm crafting a Database to be able to see them in a neat table. I guess it might be easier to read that way.

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