I wasnt so sure about this, whether to post this in critique center or here, so I was whatever.

Okay these are sketches of my characters. I think they're quite original, but thats me, you guys might think different, and so any opinions and bluntness is wanted. please review and tell me what you guys think.

Also is there something that I can help myself get motivated to draw?

Attachment 321911

This is my character Percilious, for short Percy, hes a puppet.

Attachment 321912

October, in color, or an attempt, i got lazy.

Attachment 321913

Ha, badly attempt to do a comic.

Attachment 321915

October, supposed to be a volture, yah, yah, I know voltures are supposed to not look like that, but what can I do to keep him looking cool and yet make him actually look like a volture?

Attachment 321916

Hes a dragon, yup, and his name is Pretty Ricky, or actually Ricky, they call him pretty ricky, you can guess why.

Attachment 321917

Zeckio Halfman Paloozca, hes a monster, bot telling what exactly he is, but hes a skating jew. also a jerk.

Attachment 321918

Ah, Angel Harmony, hes an angel, Im still not sure what exatly he'll be, but for sure hes an angel, he might also be an ant, note his large freakin' ass sticking out,

also advice on his face, to make him look like a kinder and soft guy, but yet stern looking, hes kinda undeveloped here as you can see.

Attachment 321919

Teddy, the main char. hes supposed to be bold, but now Im not sure if I should leave him like that, cuz all the other characters are lookin' so cool and stuff and yah.

Attachment 321920

Stephanie? Shes quite the tomboy, any comments apprecaited on her anatomy.

Attachment 321921

An attempt at something surreal or something. ha.

Sorry if its really long.